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Home Electrical Service & Safety Check

Protect your Electrical System from hidden hazards.

Old Switchboard, Wiring & Appliances

Home Over 40 Years Old?

High Power Bill? Safety Switch tripped lately?

Sharpe Electrical Service and Safety Checks are designed to ensure that your home or office will be safe from electrical faults. Our Certified Electricians will conduct a comprehensive Home Electrical Service and Safety Check, which includes test and integrity checks of:

  • Switchboard/ Meter Board Test
  • In-Roof Electrical
  • In-door and Out-Door Lighting & Plug Points
  • Surge Arrestor and Safety Switch
  • Appliance Safety & Usage Testing
  • House Electrical Systems Inspection
  • Electrical Service Point Compliance Check
  • Smoke & CO Alarm
  • Home Energy Audit
  • Written Report on Completion

It is recommended that every few years an Electrical Safety Service and Check is conducted.  For older homes, it’s sooner than later.



When should you have an Electrical Safety Service Conducted?

Homes and Offices should have an electrical safety service and check done when:

  • Your home is older than 40 years
  • It’s been more than 5 years since you’ve had your home or office’s electrical checked.
  • Buzzing in Switchboard
  • Safety Switches Tripping
  • Buzzing or Sparking Plug Points
  • Flickering Lights
  • Tingling or Minor Shocks from Taps
  • If you have any suspicion that something is not right with your electrics, For peace of mind

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Technical Secret

Sharpe Services’ Certified Electrician, Mark, says you should have at least two Safety Switches on a switchboard. For the best possible protection, you should have a maximum of two circuits per safety switch. Having too many connected circuits on one device decreases the operational performance of the switch and could put you at risk in the rare event that one fails.

Many members of the public are unaware of the potential damage they can do to their electrical circuits by using too many powerboards. Solve your powerboard problem by talking to Sharpe about installing additional powerpoints around the home. Don’t forget that the latest double powerpoints now come with the convenience of combined USB chargers.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Do your electrics frequently trip?
  • Do you have to use extension cables in many areas?
  • Unexpectedly high power bills?
  • Are you regularly connecting heavy electricity-use appliances (like heaters)?
  • Do your power outlets emit strange buzzing sounds and become hot?
  • Do you use lots of appliances or multiple powerboards?
  • Noticed any cracked or blackened plastic in your switchboard?
  • Are your electrics old, outdated or haven’t been recently serviced?
  • New appliances or solar?

If you notice any of these problems, call SHARPE for a Licensed Electrician immediately.

Electrical Safety Service Recommendation

Our local electricians are worried by the lack of surge arrestors at homes in Adelaide.  This is a significant risk, especially if you’ve got solar panels or installed new air conditioning but haven’t upgraded the electrics. Power surges can easily damage appliances, wiring and are dangerous for anyone living in your home. Make sure you have adequate surge arrestor protection and ensure your solar system regularly serviced by an accredited electrician.

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Switchboard Meltdown

House electrical wiring over 25 years old should be professionally inspected at least every 5 years.

The molten switchboard adjacent was replaced by our technicians last month. Unnoticed electrical faults from faulty circuit breakers along with loose & rodent chewed cables can quickly turn into an inferno as flames travel up wall cavities or into roof spaces. Don’t let this happen to you. SWITCH THINKING

Electrical safety is all about locating and preventing any hidden dangers in your power systems & switchboard. This includes outlets, switching, lighting and wired-in appliances. Inspecting your switchboards for buzzing sounds plus any blackened, cracked or melted plastic fittings are indicators of potential fire hazards.

Book a Worry Free Electrical Safety Service Now. Sharpe electricians comprehensively check & test all electrical wiring and equipment, plus complete a detailed report with an Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

Be Safe with Sharpe

As SHARPE celebrates 40 Years of service to South Australian homes, we strive to bring all the technical trades together, offering homes a complete range of services. This means convenience, security and quality service.

David Sharpe

Owner Manager, Sharpe Group

Associations & Memberships

Sharpe is proud to be associated with relevant accreditation organisations, which means that Sharpe is trusted to provide top quality trades and services. We ensure that all Sharpe electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, air con technicians, and solar technicians have the best skills, knowledge and experience for the trade. Be worry free with SHARPE.