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Your Reverse Cycle Airconditioning Systems has had a Safety Check, Pressure Clean & Operational Test?

Statistics compiled by a leading air-conditioning manufacturer suggest only one third of households annually clean and service their AC Unit, resulting in millions of dollars being wasted every year due to inefficient energy-use and breakdown repairs.

A poorly serviced air-conditioner could use at least 30% more energy compared to a well maintained unit. Internal dust and poor maintenance are leading causes of AC breakdowns.

A Sharpe Air Conditioning Specialist will ensure the operating efficiency, reliability and safety of your Air Conditioning System:


Full Reverse Cycle Inspection

For only $165, we offer a total reverse cycle system maintenance and system checks package.

The service and inspection includes:

rc technical secret

Technical Secret

If your reverse cycle unit is more than a 10 years old, there are a number of reasons why you should consider a replacement.

You can significantly reduce your energy bill as advances in technology mean new air conditioners are much more efficient than older models, with some of the highest-rated systems a decade ago would only receiving a 3.5 star rating today.

The longer you remain with an old system, the higher the risk of an expensive fault at the height of summer or winter.

We regularly attend homes where the existing cooling system is the wrong size for the property, leading to an overworked air conditioner and higher bills for the homeowner.

Our accredited technicians can advise you on a more appropriate system using the latest technology.

Signs and Symptoms

Has your airconditioner become noticeably louder?

Is the air from the air conditioner fan weaker?

Does your unit struggle to reach the required temperature?

Worried about electricity bills?

If you notice any of these problems, call SHARPE for a Licensed Reverse Cycle A/C Tech immediately.

rc signs and symptoms
rc secret savings


SHARPE A/C Technician Danny notes that many households tend to set the temperature of their air conditioner far too low.

As people use their air conditioning more often during spring and summer, this puts significant strain on important components and also wastes a lot of electricity.

During warm weather, you should always set the temperature between 22-25°C.

Remember that for every 1°C you lower the temperature, you’ll use around 10% more energy.

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The hard-working air conditioner you rely on to keep you cool in a heatwave is also the most likely appliance to start a house fire or burn out. This is backed up by 2018 data from the National Fire Authority and Australian Insurance Council. Heavy use of air conditioners for extended periods will put strain on your unit and home electrics. SA and 7 house fires with $2.5m damage last tear.


Book a Worry Free Reverse Cycle Service Now. Sharpe technicians comprehensively check, test and complete a detailed report on your system’s operation in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You will always feel secure dealing with Sharpe

You are in the right hands because we care. We care a lot !

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