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Data Points & Cabling

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Need data cable installation?

Our Data Cablers are experienced and certified Data Electricians who understand the data requirements for homes and offices in Adelaide.

Before installing data cables, we’ll analyse your data requirements to ensure that you receive a quality seamless connection to your internet network.

Are you in need of voice and data cabling in your home or business ?

Sharpe Services’ technicians are skilled and will assist you to get access to your information database swiftly.  Sharpe Services’ data cabling technicians undertake training regularly in order to be up to date with the latest technology.

If your home or business needs Data Cabling for faster network speeds and better reliability? Sharpe Group provides the best solutions for all of your data cabling in Adelaide.

We will assist you in all areas of the data cable installation be it the placing of an Ethernet wall socket, your Desk Power Outlet, or wiring a Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, or Cat8 data cable.

Gold Master Electricians

GOLD Master Electricians Adelaide, Australia

As one of the few Gold Master Electricians in Adelaide, Sharpe Services is proud of its achievement by satisfying Master Electricians Gold Standards.  When you call on Sharpe Electrical, you can rest assured that you will be greeted by highly experienced, well trained and domestic electricians Adelaide. ‘Local Electricians Near Me’ needed? You’re sorted with us!

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Benefits of installing data cabling:

Data cabling  is nowadays essential in homes as it enables access to whatever you need in the comfort of your own homes whenever needed. Adding data points and outlets are advantageous for the long term. Houses that are well connected have more potential to be sold as potential buyers are asking specifically if homes are connected or not.

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Data Cabling Installation & Re-routing

Sharpe Services’s data cablers have the required ACMA registration also known as the open cabler’s license. These are issued by the Australian Cabler registration services (ACRS) to ensure that your data cable installation will comply with guidelines set by the Australian Communications Authority. Our technicians ensure that your needs are met with a customized and correct data center cabling to suit specific requirements that you may have.

We can arrange and install all your home telephone, audio, video, security and data cabling, whether you are building, renovating or adding to your existing cabling. For our corporate clients, we can supply and organise the maintenance of your new telephone system, computer network, data centre and more.

New phone sockets, data points, home networks, CCTV, Security alarm systems, Intercoms,  TV antennas, modem outlets, or anything else cabling related.

We offer a range of data cabling installation services including:

Data Cable installations & repairs

Sharpe Services are well informed about voice and data cabling. They will provide you with the infrastructure enabling multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems as quick as pressing a light switch.

Modern IT systems can transfer data at 10 Gigabits per second, but is only possible if points and outlets are up to standards. Hardware affects how fast and efficient a system is and if hardware is not up to standard it slows the system down.

Sharpe Services can provide you with a wide variety of data outlets, including:

voice cabling

Types of Data Cable

All data cables fall into three main types, namely, twisted pair, coaxial cable, and optic fiber cable. These cable types carry signals at different frequencies, and they have unique applications. The type of data cable you need depends on the environment. 

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Twister Pair

Twisted pair data cables consist of two copper core wires. One wire is a signal carrier, and the other is a ground reference. These wires are twisted throughout the cable, hence the name, and the twists protect the communication signals from degradation. There tends to be signal degradation if the twisted pair cable is longer than 300 feet.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables carry signals at higher frequencies than twisted pairs. This type of data cable consists of a central core conductor in an insulator. An outer conductor of metal foil covers the core wire and protects the data communication signal. Digital telephone networks and television communication data use this type of cable.

fiber optic

Fiber Optic

This type of cable transmits data in the form of light via a light channel. The light channel has two parts, namely, core and cladding. Fiber optic is the preferred data cable for fast Internet connections, as it is not as susceptible to signal degradation as the other types. The cord of optic fiber cables is fragile, and they require a unique plug and network cards to transmit their signals.

Sharpe Services data cable installation’s team’s focuses on delivering quality, and reliable data cabling systems to all of our customers. As some will have particular business requirements we can customize individual projects in order to suit your needs while sticking to your budgets.

If you would like to have your local professional TV and Data Electrician install your appliances give Sharpe Services a call on 131 750 or fill in our online booking form.

Sharpe Services is the name to trust when it comes to TV and Data Electricians in Adelaide. Because we have a large team of qualified local TV and Data Electricians in Adelaide who can provide a truly local service. When you call to the office, our efficient administration team will ask you where you live and they will schedule the closest TV and Data Electrician.

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