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Emergencies WITHIN THE HOUR*

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Emergency Plumbers Adelaide

Sharpe Services’s Emergency Plumbing Service starts from the moment you call our 24 Hour plumbing support. Our emergency plumbers offer a Within the Hour Emergency Plumbing Service, so you know that our emergency plumber will be with you quickly to solve your plumbing emergency.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Plumbing emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and include blocked drains, burst pipes, toilets that are blocked or not flushing, no hot water, water leaks inside or outside, gas leaks, stormwater blockages, roof leaks, broken gutters and more.

No matter what type of gas or plumbing emergency you may be experiencing, and regardless of the time of the day or night, our 24/7 emergency plumbers are here to help and provide quick and efficient repairs and replacement service to get your home safe and functioning again.

Our emergency plumbers have dedicated fully equipped vehicles to carry out emergency plumbing repairs and changeovers quickly. The plumbing vehicles are stocked with the full range of parts needed for emergency plumbing repairs as well as a Drain Machine, Drain Cameras, and a range of tools, ladders, and repair equipment.

We have been providing emergency plumbing services to Adelaide for over 40 years and can be trusted to come to your property and provide solutions to your emergency plumbing.

Sharpe Services Master Plumbers of South Australia

We are Master Plumbers in Adelaide.

The Master Plumbers Association of South Australia Inc is a Membership Association, Group Training Company and a Registered Training Organisation based in South Australia, to promote the on-going protection of community, health and safety through the provision of quality plumbing services.

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Do I need an emergency plumber?

Not sure if your situation is a plumbing emergency? Call us anyway, our certified plumbers are happy to advise and assist. If it’s an emergency, our plumber will be there within the hour, if not, it can be booked for a time more convenient to you

We offer plumbing & gas emergency services, repairs and installs in all Adelaide Suburbs.  We won’t leave you waiting.

What can I do until Sharpe Services comes to my property?

If your emergency is…

  • Blocked drains, stop using sinks, toilets, showers, basins, hot water service and taps in the house.
  • Burst water pipe or Leaking taps? Turn the water meter off to the property.
  • Leaking toilet, avoid using the toilet and flushing it. It could get worst.
  • Roof leak? Put an empty bucket under the area and move all items out of the way, to avoid damages to your property.
  • Burst hot water system. You should keep children and pets away, as the water can be very hot.
Hot Water System Plumbing

Fully licensed gas fitters, plumbers and electricians are always available for 24 hour emergency hot water repairs. 

We repair and supply all makes and models of hot water systems. If your system fails on a Sunday night or Friday afternoon we’ll make sure it’s running again on the same day. 

Preventing a Plumbing Emergency

Our comprehensive Plumbing and Hot Water Safety Service and Inspection – performed by our qualified plumber, is strongly recommended to evaluate the condition and performance of your plumbing system – especially if:

  • Your house is more than 25 years old and has not had an inspection.
  • You have old pipes in your house.
  • You have any concerns about equipment that has been operating erratically, especially if appliances are more than 5 years old.
  • You are planning to invest in upgrading your plumbing system or renovations.
  • You are selling your property – providing reassurance to your prospective purchasers.

Plumbing Emergency Tips

  • Always know where the main water shut-off valve is located in case of a leak.
  • Know how to turn off the water heater. If it’s a gas water heater, turn the switch to the “pilot” position.
  • Use duct tape or pipe sealing tape to pull together a crack in a pipe, reducing the leak as a temporary solution.
  • If a supply tube break off is causing a leak, screw in a blind cap to seal off the leak until it can be fixed.
  • Heavy duty paper towels or rags will help clean up water from small leaks.
  • Keep items in your basement off of the floor where possible. If a pipe bursts and floods your basement, the damage will be minimized and you won’t lose any belongings.

A Regular Plumbing & Hot Water Safety Service & Inspection will help you avoid dangerous and costly damage to your property.

Sharpe’s Certified Plumber will conduct:

  • 17 Point Check
  • Indoor and Outside Plumbing
  • Visual and Camera Inspections
  • Moisture, Pressure and Flow Tests
  • Stormwater Analysis
  • Water Heater Evaluation

Written report provided on completion.

We recommend these checks be done every few years at your home & work. Please phone 08 7150 1621, or complete our Book Now Form and we’ll contact you.

Licensed Master Plumbers with the best tools and equipment

We only employ fully trained Master Plumbers and we are a member of the Master Plumbers Association. Our plumbers drive a fully-stocked service vehicle with the full range of common stock items as well as an electric eel and all other tools and ladders. We also have plumbers that specialise in blocked drains and can unblock your drain and repair the pipe without having to dig up your property.

Service Within the Hour

When life throws you a plumbing emergency, call Sharpe Services, our certified plumbers can be there Within the Hour.

We’re ready to fix blocked drains and toilets, hot water systems, all in door or outdoor water leaks and plumbing issues that you may have in your home or office.

Friendly Local Plumbers

Our Local Plumbers are genuinely friendly people who care. They do the job properly, are informative, friendly and clean up before they leave.  All with a smile on their face.

You are our lifeblood and we strive to keep you happy!

Lifetime guarantee

Sharpe Plumbing Services are industry leaders. We are accredited, insured and trusted advisors when it comes to your property.

With the best-certified tradesman backed by the top lifetime Guarantee, which fully covers all labour beyond the standard 1-year guarantee.

Sharpe Services

With over 40 years in the industry and 30+ vans located across Adelaide, we’re here for the long run.

We employ fully trained & licenced tradesmen and ensure that they receive continuous training to keep them up to regulations and standards, ensuring you receive only the best.