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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

Need help with your ducted air conditioner?

Sharpe Services are specialists in Ducted Air Conditioning and can provide you with services from Installation to servicing, just a call away.

Ducted air conditioning systems are mainly utilized to cool multiple rooms through one large fan. It usually sits outside and pumps air around the building through the ducts. Ducts are usually either placed in the cavity of the ceiling or mounted underneath the house, the former being more common.

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Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC)

The Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC) is the peak body for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Australia, servicing over 90,000 individuals and businesses. The ARC administers refrigerant handling licences and refrigerant trading authorisations on behalf of the Australian Government, to professionals in the refrigeration/air conditioning and auto industry.

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Ducted Air Contioning Adelaide

Ducted Reverse Cycle For Your Home

In a home situation you can keep the peace with by controlling the environment automatically with Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning. You can control the temperature in different rooms of the house from one central controller, and have it set to a temperature that suits everyone in your household.

Sharpe Services provides the service, repair, upgrade or install of all major brands of the ducted system airconditioning.

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

Compared to the more commonly used split system air conditioners, ducted air conditioners are more expensive in their supply as well as installation. You may wonder why you should consider investing in a ducted air conditioning system then. Below are reasons and advantages of a good ducted air conditioning system:

>> Ducted air con does a better job of cooling down a room. It can cool a room quicker and maintain a more consistent temperature with no hot and cold spots.

>> It’s generally quieter as the compressors and fans are located away from the room, unlike a split where the fan is located in the room.

>> This style of air conditioner disperses the air throughout the room better through the use of multiple vents (if needed) so you don’t get that annoying concentration of air blowing onto you.

>> Generally more energy efficient if cooling several rooms at once as it uses one compressor instead of several.

>> Ducted Air Conditioning has better aesthetics as you only need some vents that can be mounted flush to the ceiling.

How does it work?

A Ducted air conditioner generates cool air from a compressor unit that sits outdoors of a house and is connected to an indoor fan coil. Ducted systems are energy efficient as they are designed to meet the minimum energy performance requirements. We have a range of features that should be considered when choosing ducted air conditioning such as vents, controls, sensors, and zones.

Vents/Outlets: Available in a variety of designs that can be installed on the ceiling or walls.

Controls: Ducted air conditioning control is hard wired and mounted on a wall that controls the entire system.

Sensors: Sensors maintain the rooms at a suitable targeted temperature.

Zones: Ducted air conditioning allows a home to be divided into zones so that individuals can turn on the air conditioning for part of the house that they require.

Ducted Supply, Install, Service, and Repairs

Sharpe Services offer a range of different ducted air conditioner units of different brands and sizes to suit your budget and the size of your property. Sharpe Services can assist you with the air conditioning project regardless of how big, from the planning and design to the installation and servicing of your unit.

We can also assist you with the replacement of any rusted brackets, air conditioning motors- fans and pumps, repair ductwork, and even re-configure ductwork.

Sharpe Services can design a maintenance plan for you, should you opt for it, to help you with the scheduling of regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. This service is to ensure you avoid any breakdowns and enable your system to perform efficiently. Not only does this keep your system working through when you need it most, but also saves you money from expensive repairs later on. Maintenance also includes simple things like the cleaning of filters, which is also important for the system to work properly.

Contact Sharpe Services for ducted air conditioning enquiries and prices on 131 750 or complete our air conditioning quote request today.

Air Conditioning Vents / Outlets

The type and size of vents that you install influences how well your home is ventilated, and how effectively you can cool it. Likewise, some vents are suitable for use with each other – but which ones? 

These vents are commonly used in conjunction with evaporative cooling and reverse cycle heating/cooling systems. The clever design of these vents ensures that the inner louvers can be adjusted in terms of air direction and the degree at which they are opened, providing a fully configurable outlet. 

Types of Ducted Air Conditioning Vents / Outlets

There are 3 main vents to choose from when getting ducted air conditioning installed.

Round Ceiling Diffuser

One of the most common ducted air con grilles used is the insulated round outlet. The reason for its popularity is the uniform, clean look it provides; the only downside is that you can’t control the direction of airflow.

Multi-Directional Diffuser

Our recommended outlet is the square 4-way directional grille. These outlets offer good looks, excellent airflow and the ability to direct air in any direction you wish!

Linear Slot Diffuser

The linear slot diffuser has been specially designed to handle more air volume at lower sound levels, pressure drop and with a shorter throw than other ducted vents.

A huge range of air conditioning brands Serviced & Repaired

Our team can assist you with the servicing and repairs of all kinds and brands of air conditioners along with the supplying and installation of new air conditioners too.

Accent Air
Actron Air
Advantage Air
Cool Breeze
Gree Air Conditioner
Mitsubishi Electric
Winia AirConditioner

With over 40 years of experience Sharpe Services delivers you with the best advice and services in Adelaide. Work with our team for reliable, quality and professional services for your air conditioning requirements.

If you are unsure on what to look for in Air Conditioning Systems contact us to speak with one of our air conditioning service specialists or complete our booking request today and we will get back to you shortly.

Sharpe Services is the name to trust when it comes to air conditioning techs in Adelaide. We specialise in servicing evaporative coolershigh wall split ACsducted reverse cycle heating and cooling systems, and gas ducted heating installation, and all types of air conditioning repairs. Our professional air conditioning team is always on hand to make sure your air conditioner investment lasts. Because we have a large team of qualified air conditioning techs in Adelaide who can provide a truly local service. 

It is important to get hold of an Air Conditioning technician when in doubt of an air conditioning issue. Call Sharpe Services on 131 750 or fill in our online booking form for guidance until support arrives.

Licenced Air Conditioning Techs with the best tools and equipment

We only employ fully trained Air Conditioning Techs and we are a member of the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC). Our air conditioning techs drive fully-stocked service vehicles with the full range of common stock items and repair equipment. Our air conditioning specialise in all home and office air conditioning systems ready to fix, repair or replace your reverse cycle A/C or your Evaporative Cooler.

Service Within the Hour

When life throws you an Air Conditioning emergency, call Sharpe Services on 131750, our certified plumbers can be there Within the Hour. With 30+ fully equipped vans located across Adelaide, we’re ready to fix, repair or replace your reverse cycle A/C or your Evaporative Cooler in your home or office.

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Our Local A/C Techs are genuinely friendly people who care. They do the job properly, are informative and clean up before they leave, all with a smile on their face.

You are our lifeblood and we strive to keep you happy!

Lifetime guarantee

Sharpe Air Conditioning Services is industry leaders. We are accredited, insured and trusted advisors when it comes to your property. With the best-certified tradesman backed by the top lifetime Guarantee, which fully covers all labour beyond the standard 1-year guarantee.

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With over 40 years in the industry and 30+ vans located across Adelaide, we’re here for the long run. We employ fully trained & licenced tradesmen Solar Electricians, Air Conditioning Techs, Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Electricians and Data Cablers, and ensure that they receive continuous training to keep them up to regulations and standards, ensuring you receive only the best.