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Switchboard Upgrades

Professional switchboard installation, upgrade and repair

Switchboard Upgrades, installation and repairs need to be done by certified electricians to ensure a secure and safe supply of power to your Adelaide home or business. Our team of Master electricians carry out all electrical switchboard wiring and switchboard upgrades.

Sharpe Electrical Services has over 40 years of experience in supplying electrical switchboard upgrades in Adelaide.

All modern switchboard installations have mandatory electrical safety switches installed, under the law. Safety Switches act when an electrical fault occurs and will isolate the circuit immediately

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GOLD Master Electricians Adelaide, Australia

As one of the few Gold Master Electricians in Adelaide, Sharpe Services is proud of its achievement by satisfying Master Electricians Gold Standards.  When you call on Sharpe Services, you can rest assured that you will be greeted by highly experienced, well trained and certified electricians. 

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Switchboard Upgrades Adelaide

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades Adelaide

If you are installing new appliances or having renovation work carried out in your home or business  Sharpe’s master electricians can assess whether there is a need for a switchboard upgrade, a repair or installation of a new switchboard in order to avoid overloading.

Why would you need electrical switchboard upgrades?

>> Older style switchboards with ceramic rewire-able fuses are designed to cater to a couple of household appliances. When these fuse boxes were installed homes had a fridge, washing machine, and oven. Modern houses have so many more appliances in use every day that the old switchboards are now inefficient and pose potential fire and electrocution hazards due to overloading.

>> Because of this overburdening of the switchboards, these homes and businesses experience frequent power loss and tripping.

>> If you have added an extension to your home or business the current electrical switchboard may need to be upgraded to cope with the added needs. Even if your extension has only added lights and a few extra power points this could be enough to exceed the switchboard limits.

>> Renovations such as a kitchen or entertainment room could add extra stress to your electrical switchboard. Newer appliances and electrical equipment can draw more power and add to the demands of your fuse box.

>> Often older electrical switchboards are not fitted with electrical safety switches.

>> To reduce the risk of electrical fires.

Electrical switchboard installation and upgrades have many more benefits, but mostly the vastly improved electrical safety of your home.

Electrical Switchboard upgrade

Please note – standard installation-determined upon inspection

>> Clipsal board or Clipsal meter box – includes circuit breakers and two safety switches.

>> With mains upgrade to 16mm single phase – includes mains box.

>> Install new earth electrode – if required.

>> Supply and install surge diverter to switchboard.

>> Supply and install surge diverter to switchboard – 3 phase.

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Control Your energy

Getting the most out of your energy contract means ensuring you meet your responsibilities to your energy retailer and distributor.

The price you pay for your energy service includes the tariff and any other fees and charges that may apply under your contract. Tariffs listed on your bill usually include GST. Some retailers have offers or tariffs that are ‘regulated’, where the price is set by government. However, in South Australia electricity standing offers must comply with the Electricity Retail Code’s default market offer price. That’s why it is important to understand all of the costs associated with your energy contract so that you can get the right deal for you.

Contact Sharpe services to discuss your electrical installation and how we can help to get the most out of your money with the tariffs available from your chosen provider. We can work on your switchboard to control components within your house to your benefit to reduce your bill.

You can trust Sharpe Services for reliable advice and services on all your electrical requirements. Our accredited Gold Master Electricians strive to be the best in what they do. Find an Electrical technician in Adelaide with Sharpe Services Today.

It is important to get hold of an Electrical technician when in doubt of an electrical issue. Call Sharpe Services at 08 7150 1622 for guidance until support arrives, Book Online with EasyBook or Call us Today.

Licenced Electricians with the best tools and equipment

We only employ fully trained Electricians and we are a member of the GOLD Master Electrician Australia. Our electricians drive fully-stocked service vehicles with the full range of common stock items as well as gas leak detection and repair equipment. Our electricians specialise in all home and office electrical requirements to deal withpower loss, flickering lights, tripping safety switches or any other electrical issues.

Service Within the Hour

When life throws you an electrical emergency, call Sharpe Services on 131750, our certified electricians can be there Within the Hour. With 30+ fully equipped vans located across Adelaide, we’re ready to fix your power loss, flickering lights, tripping safety switches or any other electrical issue that you may have in your home or office

Friendly Local Electricians

Our Local Electricians are genuinely friendly people who care. They do the job properly, are informative and clean up before they leave, all with a smile on their face. 

You are our lifeblood and we strive to keep you happy!

Lifetime guarantee

Sharpe Electrical Services is industry leaders. We are accredited, insured and trusted advisors when it comes to your property. With the best-certified tradesman backed by the top lifetime Guarantee, which fully covers all labour beyond the standard 1-year guarantee.

Sharpe Services

With over 40 years in the industry and 30+ vans located across Adelaide, we’re here for the long run. We employ fully trained & licenced Solar Electricians, Air Conditioning Techs, Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Electricians and Data Cablers, and ensure that they receive continuous training to keep them up to regulations and standards, ensuring you receive only the best.