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Surge Arrestor Installation

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Surge Arrestor

Surge Arrestor installation is vital for protection of wiring, electrical systems appliances from surges of electricity that may affect your home. Surge Arrestors will protect from lightning strikes, utility companies switching power grids, faulty appliances, over surges of power lines and more.

Sharpe’s certified master electricians install and changeover surge arrestors daily to enhance the electrical safety of our clients’ homes.

Due to the general misconception about power surges, many people still don’t have surge protection in their homes. Those with surge arrestors installed don’t check them or know what to look for.

Many households spend thousands on the latest home entertainment systems, smart TVs, computer systems and more, but don’t have surge protection as they don’t understand the threat of not having a surge arrestor installed by a certified electrician

Sharpe Services regularly supply and install surge arrestors and safety switches into switchboards of many Adelaide households. We also provide a comprehensive home Electrical Safety Service to assess the electrical integrity and safety of your switchboard, home, systems and most importantly, you and your family. For any advice, please call a Master Electrician from Sharpe Services today!

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What is a power surge?

A power surge is what happens when there’s a sudden increase in the amount of power in the electrical system.

One common cause is the use of high-powered items being used infrequently e.g. a spa, or a heavy duty workshop item. Other means of causing a power surge include faulty wiring, downed power lines, or lightning strikes.

But the better way to protect your electrical items is to have a surge arrestor installed into your switchboard by a certified electrician to protect all of the circuits in your entire home or offic.

The surge arrestor installation is done at the switchboard and protects you against surges in power, usually up to around 6000 volts. Higher rated systems are also available if required e.g. commercial situations.

Surge Arrestor - Supplied and Installed in Adelaide by Sharpe Services certified electricians

How to check your Surge Arrestor?

It’s recommended to check your surge arrestor regularly, especially after events that result in power surges such as lightning strikes, blackouts, etc…

The surge arrestor is located in the switchboard and should have a green bar/screen that is showing. If it shows a red bar/screen, then it needs to be replaced. If you do not see a surge arrester, it’s important that you have one installed by a certified electrician so that your home’s wiring, systems, and appliances are protected against electrical surges.

For further advice or to have a new surge arrestor installed, we’ll be happy to provide you with the right advice and quote for getting a surge arrestor installation at your home.


Surge Arrestor in a residential home

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When to do a new Surge Arrestor Installation?

There is no specific lifespan as to when to change over a surge arrestor, it’s advised that it be changed over every 3 to 5 years. This is more dependent on how often your home or area receives power surges, blackouts, etc. When checking your surge arrestor in your switchboard, if you see a green bar, it indicates that your surge arrestor has not experienced a significant power surge. However, if the bar is red, then it’s time for a surge arrestor installation by a certified electrician.

Surge Arrestor vs Surge Protector

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Surge Arrestor

A Surge Arrestor is a device used to protect the electrical installations and equipment from electrical surges and transient voltage caused by electrical faults, switching, short circuits, sparks and lightning etc. Surge arrestor installation at your home switchboard protects your entire home from electrical surges.

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Surge Protector

Surge protectors are a reasonable and very useful tool to protect appliances and systems connected directly to them. But will not protect any systems not connected to it, therefore we’d advise that a surge arrestor be installed and checked for enhanced electrical safety of your home’s wiring and appliances.

Unplug items if applicable

In times when you expect that power surges may occur, such as during lightning storms, it’s advisable to unplug non-essential appliances. An electrical surge cannot affect an appliance that is unplugged, which makes this the best form of protection.

Why are we so vulnerable?

Most modern equipment (computers etc), and appliances – rely on electronics to function, and they need a steady rate of power to be able to operate effectively – which makes them extremely vulnerable to damage from power surges.

So please take surge arrestor installation into consideration – for the sake of your existing electrical items, and before you start using that new computer, appliance, or equipment item.

You can trust Sharpe Services for reliable advice and services on all your electrical requirements. Our accredited Gold Master Electricians strive to be the best in what they do. Find an Electrical technician in Adelaide to do your surge arrestor installation with Sharpe Services Today.

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