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Interior Lighting

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Make your home look special with Interior Lighting

Ensure your interiors shine with beautiful lighting fixtures and fittings from Sharpe Services. With a wide variety of lighting ideal for any home, we are sure to have exactly what you need to create the perfect ambiance in every room of your home today.

What are the different types of lighting? What is task lighting? How to create accent lighting? What else is available besides ambient lighting? It is important to understand that lighting is one of the most important features of a home: it can make a room look bigger or smaller; modern or aged; fresh or stale. With so many different types of lighting available, it can get a little confusing when designing a lighting scheme for your home or office. Our guide explains the different types of lighting – ambient (or general), task and accent, how to use them effectively.

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Interior Lighting Adelaide

Indoor lighting installation is an important part of our current lifestyles – the range and styles of indoor lighting available today include practical lighting for your high traffic areas at home and work to special mood and decorative lighting to suit those special places you create to relax and entertain. A fabulous range of quality contemporary indoor lighting and switches to compliment any decor are available, from Modern to Heritage, plus anything in between.

Why is lighting so important?

Interior lighting is important because the overall perception of the room depends on it. Any living space without appropriate lighting gives off a different feel. Interior lighting has the ability to provide ambiance, mood, comfort and brightness to any given room also altering the size of it for perception. It is essential that lighting to a room is matched with its outlay and specific task, which is difficult to achieve however, it is crucial when designing the interiors of a building.

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What is a lighting plan?

Lighting plan is to be made at the time of getting your interiors designed. You will need to decide on the lighting fixtures fitting that would need to be installed. Lighting plans help in order to make perfectly illuminated areas in your home. Your lighting plan usually starts to take shape after architectural and interior plans are done. To be more efficient with your lighting and installations the rooms will need evaluation regarding the type of lighting that will be placed in them. Different rooms will require specific lights to suit the room and placed appropriately for proper functioning, as well as make the rooms beautiful and comfortable.

Types of Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting as it implies provides general ambiance to any given room, it also creates a uniform feel to the homes lighting. Depending on your lighting scheme the lights generally are installed in a particular way in the ceiling or around the home for illumination.



These light fixtures work fantastic with taller ceilings. You can choose which height is best for your lighting needs. Chandeliers are very classic pieces that work well in foyers, over the tub in the bathroom, or over large dining room tables.



Pendant lights are the most popular ceiling lights as they can double up as decorative, mood-setting pieces and functional light sources. They can be placed in a lot of areas and can hang directly above work spaces. Depending on the style and placement of the pendant, you can use these for ambient, task, or accent lighting.

Elec LED Downlight

LED Lights

The LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED lights have many advantages over other lighting technologies, including: Higher energy efficiency (‘lumens per watt’); Much longer lifetime; Switch on instantly at full brightness; Precise control and dimmable options available; Compact size, cooler operating temperature (reduced fire risk), and more.

ceiling light 2

Ceiling Lights

They are usually round or square with a low profile, and they sit flat on the ceiling. Classic styles have been designed to blend into the background with an off-white glass or acrylic cover. Ceiling lighting is standard in hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces, such as, patios and porches.

Task Lighting

This is a smaller more concentrated light. You want task lighting around when you’re working. In fact, some people call it office lighting. Task lighting is meant to help you see when you’re doing projects in which you need a finer light, such as, reading, cooking, writing, sewing and many other things. 

pendant lighting


Pendant lights are lights that hang from a cable, cord, or pipe from an attachment at a ceiling, ending in a shade enclosing a light bulb that primarily provides light in a downward direction, known as a downlight.

swin Arm Lamp

Swing Arm Lamps

Use lamps on your desks, bedside tables, mounted next to your favourite chair or anywhere you need a little extra light for working. Swing arm lamps allow you to adjust the light anyway you’d like. Since lamps are lightweight, portable, and adjustable these are the ideal task lights.

Kitchen Counter Under Cabinet Lighting 1

Under Cabinet

These are the ultimate task lights. Under cabinet lights work great in your kitchen, like below. They add a flare to your kitchen and give the extra light you need for chopping and cleaning.

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Vanity lighting is standard in bathrooms and on dressing room tables. Bathroom and mirror lights provide a bright, focused light to ensure your makeup and hair is done just right!

Accent Lighting

This is a very concentrated light with the intention of drawing the eye to its focal point. Accent lighting is a way of adding style and drama to your home. People use accenting for wall washing, artwork, bookcase displays, pieces of furniture, collections and the general architecture of their homes. 

Wall Light

Wall Lights

Wall Lights are the perfect addition to any room, a great way to make a space feel more inviting and complete. Wall lighting makes a room feel brighter and larger while creating a pleasing atmosphere. They are a great way to literally make a house feel like a home.

Home Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Not only are can lights used for general room lighting, recessed lighting can be used for for accent lighting depending on where you place them. Place them in your ceiling or in your floor close to the wall to create a wall washing affect to illuminate a beautiful brick texture, a colourful paint design or display a huge bay window.

landscape lighting


These lights are the best for showing off the outside of your home. Use landscape lighting to light up a pathway, prized garden or statue.

Track Lighting

Track Lighting

Track lights are great for the same reason, except they can typically cover a little more space. Try using a series of these throughout your home in rooms such as your master bedroom, den, kitchen, or living room.

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