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Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

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Outdoor lighting specialists

Outdoor lighting is one investment that offers many valuable benefits in return — from improved safety and security to enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Based on the goals you hope to achieve with your lighting, there are many types of outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from.

Sharpe Services has noticed a rise in demand for quality sports field and outdoor lighting over the last few years. Sharpe Services considers all the aspects of outdoor lighting such as sports field lighting, solar lighting, pathway lighting, stadiums and so on.

Outdoor light bulbs are more variable. Typically, they are interchangeable for indoor and outdoor use. In contrast, indoor lights are not designed to withstand outdoor temperature changes.

Transform the exterior spaces of your home with outdoor lighting that creates a welcoming ambience as well as adds a sense of security to your home.

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As one of the few Gold Master Electricians in Adelaide, Sharpe Services is proud of its achievement by satisfying Master Electricians Gold Standards.  When you call on Sharpe Electrical, you can rest assured that you will be greeted by highly experienced, well trained and domestic electricians Adelaide. ‘Local Electricians Near Me’ needed? You’re sorted with us!

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Types of Outdoor Lighting

Over the last 40 years, our electrical team have been working on providing quality and professional sports lighting services be it any level from junior to elite. Sharpe Services’ master electricians always use the latest technology in software and lighting for the most cost effective and energy efficient design customised lighting system for your lifestyle.

Spotlights & Floodlights


Floodlights have an adjustable-angle beam that can be rotated to focus on a specific area. They can be installed in the ground or mounted on structures, walls or poles. LED floodlights last longer and use less energy than floodlights that use halogen or fluorescent lamps. Outdoor floodlights are commonly used to aim light on a fixed item, such as a monument or flagpole, or to illuminate large areas, such as sports fields, parks, playgrounds and parking lots.

By flooding dark areas with light, floodlights can help to improve safety by making it easier for people to see potential hazards that can cause slips, trips and falls. Floodlights can also discourage property damage, crime and vandalism.

Where Floodlights are used?

LED Floodlights 1
floodlight outdoor

Before investing in outdoor lighting and installation, decide which type of floodlight is right for your application by considering the brightness level you need. Floodlights come in a wide range of options for brightness and colour temperature. 

Selecting the right option depends on how the fixtures will be used. For cost-efficient operation, select floodlights with LED lamps vs. halogens or CFLs. LEDs handle temperature fluctuations better and require less maintenance because they last longer

landscape lighting
Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lights

Landscape lights rely on fixtures like spotlights, lanterns, sconces and globes to create an aesthetically pleasing lighting design that highlights building and landscaping features at night while also improving safety and security.

Where Landscape Lights are used?

Outdoor Bulkhead LED Lights
outdoor light farolillo
Driveway light

When it comes to landscape lighting, selections are nearly endless. Different types of fixtures can be used to accent, highlight, create silhouettes and shadows, wall-wash and spotlight. The fixtures you choose should be based on what you want to accomplish with your outdoor lighting and installation. 

sensor lighting main

Motion Sensor Lights

Any outdoor light can have a motion sensor or photo control included to help manage lighting. The motion sensor lights up when something passes by the infrared beam and lighting goes on for a specified time. This is a great security and safety device, but also an energy saver, since the light typically stays on for just a few minutes. 

A photocontrol or photocell acts more like a timer, and is most commonly found on parking lot lights. The lights turn on at dusk or a certain level of darkness, then turn off in the morning when the sun is rising. Photocells are also used for many outdoor lighting applications. 

Depending on how long you want lights to stay on after the sensor detects movement, built-in timers can be adjusted accordingly. 

Where Motion Sensors are used?

Motion sensor lights are most effective in areas that aren’t frequently used and don’t need constant illumination overnight. They can be calibrated so they don’t detect too much movement and turn on unnecessarily (such as when leaves or birds fly by). This can be done during installation by limiting the sensor’s field of view and adjusting the distance range setting.

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Driveway Lighting
front door lighting


Spotlights provide focused light that emphasizes a specific feature for safety, wayfinding or aesthetic purposes. They allow you to highlight a specific area without casting wide beams of light elsewhere. 

Where Spotlights are used?

led outdoor wall light
outdoor light tube
adjustable led spotlight

Spotlights offer interesting versatility in lighting design. They can be used to create visual accents horizontally and vertically and help distinguishing features stand out while leaving others in silhouette.

At Sharpe we acquire the expert knowledge of lighting engineers, structural engineers, and master electricians to design and build a quality sports field lighting. Sharpe Services can provide the best lighting for you whether it be for car parks or sports field you can trust Sharpe to meet your requirements.

All lighting designs comply with Australian Standards and all recommended sporting specifications and guidelines.

For more information on sports, outdoor, decking lighting, projects and outdoor lighting services call Sharpe Services at 131 750 or Book Online with EasyBook.

It is important to get hold of an Electrical technician when in doubt of an electrical issue. Our master electricians have experience on installing and repairing everything from residential homes to home renovations and commercial fit outs. Our team take pride in their work and are trained in all aspects of electrical safety. They can install inside and outside, new buildings or old structures depending on your requirements. 

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