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Ceiling Fans Installation & Repairs

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Ceiling Fan Installation, Supply and Repairs

Sharpe’s Ceiling Fan Installers are Certified Electricians, who install ceiling fans in all Adelaide Suburbs. If you do not have a ceiling fan already, we are also able to offer a supply and install service for your convenience.  Our ceiling fans are of Top Quality and come with a Great Guarantee.

Our experienced electrical team can assist you in finding the best fan for your home or business to suit your needs and expectation.

There are some key elements that you must consider in your decision in order to get the maximum energy efficiency and usage from your ceiling fan which is generally important and not only the consideration of colour and style. Choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your room, house or business can reduce the rooms temperate by 2-8 degrees, providing cooling without the increased cost. Sharpe Services can assist with all ceiling fan requests such as the installation, repair and replacement of indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans and ceiling fans with lights.

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GOLD Master Electricians Adelaide, Australia

As one of the few Gold Master Electricians in Adelaide, Sharpe Services is proud of its achievement by satisfying Master Electricians Gold Standards.  When you call on Sharpe Electrical, you can rest assured that you will be greeted by highly experienced, well trained and domestic electricians Adelaide. ‘Local Electricians Near Me’ needed? You’re sorted with us!

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How Ceiling Fans work?

Ceiling fans don’t actually lower the room temperature, but instead work the same way that a breeze does: by moving air around and over your skin, which cools you by accelerating perspiration evaporation. They can be an effective, low-cost alternative to air conditioners or even heaters during the cooler months.


Controls & Settings:

The Benefits of Ceiling Fans in Adelaide

In summer

During our hot Adelaide Summers, the correct installation of ceiling fans can bring relief with a cool flow of air inside or outside your home at a very low noise level. Our Fan Installers will ensure that the fans are installed so that the air circulation from the fan can cool the surrounding air temperature by 4 to 5 degrees. Outdoor ceiling fans increase the outdoor comfort levels, which can also improve the comfort levels when entertaining at night.

To maximise the cooling from your air conditioner you could install a ceiling fan that re-circulates the cold air from the air conditioner thereby reducing energy usage. This in turn also decreases the required thermostat setting and saves power usage. Buy ceiling fans and install your new ceiling fans from Sharpe. Sharpe Services stocks up on their ceiling fan range from a basic white ceiling fan to ceiling fans with LED lighting.

In winter

Your fan can pull double duty and keep your home comfortable in winter by bringing the heat down to the living area without creating an uncomfortable warm draft.

Reversing the direction of the fan, from anticlockwise in summer to clockwise in winter, draws air upwards rather than downwards, moving warm air around in winter without creating a downward breeze in the room. 

Ceiling Fan Operation

Energy Efficient Cooling

On average, ceiling fans cost approximately 13 cents per hour to run. In the long term, the correct installation of Ceiling fans in Adelaide homes and businesses can save you money annually as it reduces your energy costs. Later ceiling fans with 6 Star Energy Ratings, are often used in new buildings as required by the government.

Ceiling fan installation couldn’t be easier

Our Ceiling Fan Installers in Adelaide are able to install and repair ceilings fans for home, business or industrial purposes. Sharpe Services supplies a range of ceiling fans, which our ceiling fan installers are experienced in installing and repairing. Be sure to receive quick yet professional service each time you call us.


Ceiling Fan with LED Lights

A fan with integrated light can be a useful feature. If you rely on existing lights such as downlights mounted in the ceiling around the fan, you could end up with a strobe lighting effect – great for parties, less so for relaxing on a warm evening.

Nowadays, models with proprietary LED lights that are provided as an all-in-one light kit are increasingly common. But be careful! Some ceiling fan lights can only be replaced by an electrician, as you can’t simply replace a fitting with a standard light bulb. So, if you do decide on getting an electrician to change the light fitting, don’t hesitate to contact Sharpe Services on 131 750 or Booking online.

10 Different Types of Ceiling Fans to consider

standard ceiling fan


They are the most popular and common type of fan available.

low profile ceiling fan

Low Profile

If you have a room height of less than 2.4 metres (or are just exceptionally tall), these fans make a great option.

energy star ceiling fan

Energy Star

You’ll significantly reduce the amount of electricity you’d otherwise be using with a conventional fan.

dual motor ceiling fan

Dual Motor

These fans are capable of creating exceptional airflow in even the largest and most high-ceilinged space.

remote controlled ceiling fan

Remote Controlled

They’re especially well suited to rooms with a high ceiling height, bedrooms, and even very large spaces such as auditoriums and large event rooms.


Damp & Wet

The beauty of damp and wet ceiling fans is their resistance to damp, wet or humid conditions.

industrial ceiling fan


Designed to create maximum airflow in large and open spaces. Their design ensures a higher air delivery in an efficient and cost-effective way.

commercial ceiling fan


They are designed to provide the optimal ambient temperature via their dual functionality.

outdoor ceiling fan


A ceiling fan that makes a great addition to any outdoor space, whether it be a porch, a deck or a patio.

agricultural ceiling fan


They help to reduce farmyard smells, create the optimal environment for plant growth, reduce the formation of mould and mildew, and help the drying of animal bedding, litter, and floors.

Which ceiling fan is right for you?

Sharpe Service can assist you with all your ceiling fan requirement as we have designer ceiling fanscheap ceiling fans and industrial ceiling fans for various functions.

Ask our Electricians where is the most effective place for your Ceiling Fan Installation.

If you require a ceiling fan installation – or combination unit, please make sure that you only get services from a licensed and experienced electrician to achieve the best outcome.


You may be able to DIY a pull-cord or remote control fan, but a fan with a wall switch will need to be professionally installed as it is illegal to attempt it without an electrician’s licence. Also, you will void the warranty if you attempt to wire one up and there’s a chance you could electrocute yourself.
DC fans are cheaper to run than AC fans, generally speaking. The results are estimated based on eight hours of use per day for six months of the year, used in summer to keep cool and part of winter to help move warm air down to the living area. Electricity is priced at 30 cents per kWh. Over this period, AC fans have an average running cost of $25 a year, with the cheapest starting at $15 and the most expensive maxing out at $44. DC fans have an average running cost of $12.87 a year, the cheapest being $8 while the most expensive cost $17. This isn’t too bad if you only have one or two fans operating regularly. But the costs can increase pretty quickly if you’re running a bunch across multiple rooms. Aim for more energy efficient models and remember to turn them off if the room isn’t in use, as unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans aren’t used to cool rooms down: they’re for making you feel cooler.
It’s no fun choosing between a hot room and a noisy one. If it’s possible to hear the fan in operation before you buy it, do it! Check the noise with the fan on ‘low’, particularly if it’s for use in a bedroom, and on ‘high’ for a living room setting.
Humming or buzzing sounds in ceiling fans are caused by ripple control signals sent through the electricity supply (to switch devices such as hot water systems on and off for off-peak tariff switching). This is a known problem that’s unlikely to be covered by the fan’s warranty. Your electricity supplier may be able (or even required) to fix the problem, so contact them in the first instance to see how they can help.

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