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Solar Service, Safety Check & Clean

Solar Service - Clean and Inspection

Protect your Solar System from hidden hazards with a Solar Service, Check, and Solar Panel Cleaning.

When last did you have your Solar Service, Check & Clean?

Had your Solar Power System, Battery, Inverter and equipment operationally Tested & Serviced?

Our Expert Solar Service Techs are certified Solar Electricians who provide a comprehensive Solar Service in Adelaide.  The Solar Panel System Service will include:

>> Solar Panel Cleaning, Check & Testing

>> Check & Testing of the Wiring, Clippings, Isolators & Connections

>> Testing the Solar Inverter for correct Operation, Faults & Errors

>> Testing the Solar Safety Switch in the Switchboard

In addition to the Solar Service, we can also test & check your battery.

Battery not connecting to the internet?  We can fix this too.

Our Solar Service Techs are well respected, patient and experienced in Adelaide. They attend to Solar Services and Solar Repairs on many solar brands, and provide Solar Installations on a daily basis.

Sharpe Solar Services is able to provide the Full Solar Solution to homes and offices in Adelaide.


Solar Service, Check and Clean Adelaide

Solar Service, Safety Check & Clean by Sharpe Services

Safely maximise the potential of your solar system by getting a Sharpe Accredited Solar Electrician to conduct a Comprehensive Solar Service, Inspection, and Test on:

  • Solar PV Modules
  • Railing system
  • Wiring
  • Inverters
  • Switchboard
  • Solar Panel Cleaning included
  • Isolator Integrity & test

Get Rewarded for multiple services and receive a written solar service report on completion.

Single service is $165.  Contact us for Customer Rewards.

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Solar Service and Solar Savings

Sharpe’s Solar Electricians advise solar system owners to have their solar panel system service and solar panel cleaning conducted on an annual basis.


Bird droppings, dirt, dust, and mould quickly accumulate on your solar panels. When a layer of particulates forms over a solar panel, it restricts the ability to absorb the sun’s energy and produce electricity. This can reduce your solar system’s performance by 30%.

Don’t try solar panel cleaning yourself as household cleaning materials may damage solar panel cells, therefore, any solar system service and solar panel cleaning should be done by a trained certified solar electrician with specialist equipment and instruments.

Signs and Symptoms of a underperforming solar system

  • Surprisingly high electricity bills
  • Unexpectedly low feed-in revenue
  • Inverter showing an Error (check out our tips on when to check your solar panel system)
  • Lose Cables under or around the solar panel system
  • Solar Safety Switch in Switchboard Tripping
  • Bird Dropping, Dirt, or Grime on your Solar Panels
  • Burning or Smouldering (Call 000 for emergencies, then us on 08 7150 1620)
  • Cracks and Fractures on the Solar Panels
  • An Older Solar System that has not been serviced or repaired by a certified solar electrician

If any of these problems occur with your solar system, call SHARPE for advice and services from an Accredited Sharpe Solar Expert today.

New Solar Technologies Deliver Substantial Savings

A common problem solar owners tell us about is that it’s very difficult to know how well their solar system is performing other than looking at feed-in tariff payments or if there is a major solar system problem.

Luckily Sharpe Solar Services has the solution. Talk to one of our solar experts about installing the latest solar monitoring system, putting you in control by showing your power production and usage in an easy-to-read display. Not only can you see your output in real-time, but it can also help you identify small faults before they turn into major problems.

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Faulty Solar System

Your rooftop solar panels and components could be an unseen electrical or fire hazard to your home and/or family. A solar service and solar panel clean should be conducted by a certified solar electrician on an annual basis.

The solar system pictured in Wayville shows extensive electrical cable damage and was discovered by one of our solar electricians hidden under cracked panels.

Sharpe’s solar electricians identify a scary number of poorly installed solar power systems, many with defective and recalled equipment – all highly dangerous.

Now is the time to check if weather conditions or power faults have stressed or damaged your solar system’s panels, inverter(s), cabling, isolators or connections, plus assess any bird or rodent damage to isolators, wiring, seals or cable insulation.

Be confident your system is performing at optimum levels so you can maximize solar power production each year.

Book a Worry-Free Solar Service, Safety Check and Clean. Sharpe’s Solar Electricians comprehensively service, check, test and complete a detailed report on your system’s operation in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Be Safe with Sharpe

As SHARPE celebrates 40 Years of service to South Australian homes, we strive to bring all the technical trades together, offering homes a complete range of services. This means convenience, security and quality service.

David Sharpe

Owner Manager, Sharpe Group

Associations & Memberships

Sharpe is proud to be associated with relevant accreditation organisations, which means that Sharpe is trusted to provide top quality trades and services. We ensure that all Sharpe electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, air con technicians, and solar technicians have the best skills, knowledge and experience for the trade. Be worry free with Sharpe Services.