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Solar Analytics

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Solar Analytics Adelaide

As the saying goes ‘information is power’. Installing solar is an excellent way to reduce energy costs and emissions, but with the added knowledge gained through monitoring, the savings can be dramatically increased.

Solar Analytics communicates with all inverters through the Solar Smart Monitor, easily installed in your meter board by a licensed electrician. Solar Analytics can also collect data from the inverter and inverter consumption meter, which is installed in your switchboard, typically at the time of solar installation. This is Solar Analytics’ lower cost solution and features include 5 Minute data, a choice of WiFi, ethernet or 4G communications (coming soon), hybrid inverter and battery monitoring.

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

Clean Energy Council - Approved Solar Retailer

Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognises solar electricians who have undertaken the necessary training to service, repair, engineer and install solar systems, solar inverters, and home battery systems on Adelaide homes & offices.

CEC-accredited service, repair, installer, and designer solar electricians strive beyond industry best practice standards, producing systems that are safe, reliable, and meet customer expectations and requirements.

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SolarAnalyticsplug indevicetopowerboards

The Solar Smart Monitor

The Solar Smart Monitor makes it easy to get on top of your solar power system. This means big savings and protection of your investment.

How does it connect?

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Solar Analytics is a compact add-on monitoring device that lets you closely monitor both solar generation and electricity consumption in real-time. The system uses a small electronic module which is installed inside the switchboard and uses highly accurate sensors (CT clamps) to measure solar power generation and electricity consumption. The data is sent to a mobile App every few seconds via the onboard 4G transmitter and analysed by the smart algorithms developed by the solar analytics team to provide an abundance of useful information such as:

Solar Analytics monitoring platform

By closely analysing the consumption and solar generation data, the patented solar analytics algorithms can accurately detect and diagnose faults, as well as identify under-performance due to the numerous reasons. 

The Solar Analytics system is also unique in the way it uses satellite and BOM data to report on system performance relative to the actual irradiation levels at your site. They also compare solar generation to other nearby systems in the area to help verify or identify any performance issues. This way if all the systems in an area are behaving similarly due to atmospheric interference like smog and smoke, this can be accounted for and not raise unnecessary alarms or warnings.


Full Solar Inspection

For only $165, we offer a total solar system maintenance and system checks package.

The service and inspection includes:

A huge range of Solar Inverters & Solar Panels brands Serviced, Repaired & Installed

As a leading solar repair company, we can assist you with the servicing and repairs of all kinds and brands of solar inverter and solar panels along with the supplying and installation of new ones too.

Solar Inverters Service & Repairs

Solar Panels Service & Repairs

We also do Solar Pool Heating and Repairs

If you are unsure on what to look for in Solar Systems contact us to speak with one of our solar service specialists or complete our booking request today and we will get back to you shortly.

With over 40 years of experience Sharpe Services delivers you with the best advice and services in Adelaide. Work with our team for reliable, quality and professional services for your solar system requirements. You can trust Sharpe Services for reliable advice and services from accredited Solar Technicians Adelaide who strive to be the best in what they do. Find a solar technician in Adelaide with Sharpe Services which is closer in distance and can be with you as soon as possible.

It is important to get hold of a Solar Electrician technician when in doubt of a solar system issue. Call Sharpe Services on 131 750 or fill in our online booking form for guidance until support arrives.

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