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Do not get burnt by solar

Sep 15, 2021

Do not get burnt by solar

Do not get burnt by solar

Did you know that if the wiring under your panels is placed on top of a corrugated or colour-bond iron roof, the metal can easily heat up to 60˚C due to extreme sunlight?

This scenario is enough to melt the plastic insulation of the wiring, putting your house at risk of burning down. Get your solar panels ready for the summer to avoid bills rising for you.

However, because solar systems are high up on the roof they often are “out of sight, out of mind”. This is especially true of older systems, which don’t have the full remote monitoring available today.

Our technicians come across many solar problems that could have been prevented by regular maintenance and safety checks.

An example the other day had us all thinking about the upcoming hot summer and its associated fire risks.

A call to an underperforming system in Morphettville revealed that a build-up of gum leaves had resulted in a tiny spot fire that damaged panels and electrical components.

This potential house-fire disaster could easily have been avoided by regular professional inspections.

People forget that summer rooftop temperatures can easily exceed 60C.

It’s generally agreed that the hottest conditions a human can survive in is around 52C. So imagine the strain being put on all those rooftop electrical components.

This bring us to another big issue: shoddy original solar installations.

We come across many potential hazards. Just one is electrical cabling that has fallen onto the roof cladding and melted in the heat.

Don’t get burnt by solar this summer. Enjoy the open inspections this weekend but keep an eye out for the state of the solar system the house might have.

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