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Have you checked your solar?

Dec 8, 2020

Have you checked your solar?

Have you checked your solar?

Extreme winds and La Nina spring storms are putting a huge strain on rooftop solar systems.

How is yours holding up? Is it still running at peak efficiency?

Sharpe Services’ experienced solar techs are available now to check and service your system.

Our techs are coming across a range of issues in their work that are cropping up in this topsy-turvy weather.

These include storm grime on panels, cables that have lost its fixing clips and water getting into connections and even the isolator switch.

As part of their work Sharpe techs can install a weatherproof cover for your isolator.

Regularly check the display panel on your inverter, or use your wi-fi system manager, to confirm your solar system is operating correctly.

It’s certainly time to book a solar service if your system hasn’t been inspected and tested for a few years. Often the performance of a solar system can degrade so slowly it’s only detected by professionals using specialist testing equipment.

Make sure your solar system is making you money, not costing you money in lost generation.

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