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Solar cables can melt in heat

Nov 20, 2020

Solar cables can melt in heat

Solar cables can melt in heat

This is what happens when a heatwave hits a badly installed solar system.

Fortunately Sharpe Services picked this up during one of our scheduled services.

The cheap plastic cable ties securing important cabling had degraded in the heat. This allowed the wiring to sag onto the roof surface. Did you know a roof can get to over 60C in a heatwave, hot enough to melt plastic?

The situation here is typical of an older installation which has been done in a hurry and on the cheap.

Sharpe Services replaced all these plastic cable ties with the correct, industry-standard, long-lasting steel clips. Problem solved.

Other issues Sharpe techs regularly come across are loose  electrical joints, cracked insulation and all sorts of damage from rodents.

This is why we urge homeowners to book a Sharpe scheduled service.

Sharpe techs are available now to check your solar system for safety and performance.

We can also give your isolator the ultimate protection by fitting a weatherproof cover. 

How safe is your solar? Has it been installed correctly and  is operating safely?

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