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Possum knocks out solar

Nov 11, 2020

Possum knocks out solar

Possum knocks out solar

A lot happens in the animal world in spring. This possum took up residence underneath an array of solar panels. It might have given him a birdseye view of the neighbourhood and potential partners but it was bound to end in tears.

He chewed through some cabling, disabling the entire system and creating a potential electrical risk.

Sharpe Services got the call for help and our experienced tech was soon up on the roof, isolating the system to make it safe while the homeowner went through the options for repair.

Possums aren’t the only unwelcome house guests you might end up with this time of year. Our techs have already evicted various birds, rats and other vermin from solar systems and home .

The lesson here is to be aware of what is happening up above you. Check your inverter regularly for any error codes that indicate a problem. A system that isn’t working is lost income from failed solar generation.

Having trouble with your solar? Is the inverter showing an error code?

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