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Smoke Alarm for hearing impaired

Oct 23, 2020

Smoke Alarm for hearing impaired

Smoke Alarm for hearing impaired

Sharpe Services gets regular calls from homeowners with smoke alarms that are “chirping” or “beeping”.

This usually indicates the battery needs replacing (even hardwired alarms have a back-up battery). But it can also be caused by dust in the unit or a malfunction.

Because fire protection is so important only experts like Sharpe Services are allowed to work on hard-wired alarms.

Sharpe Services offers a range of smoke/heat alarms. This includes one for the hearing impaired.

Mains-powered, it gives vital alerts via a high-intensity strobe light and vibration pad, which can be placed under a pillow to wake the occupant.

Easy to use, it can be linked to other devices, such as pagers, as well as up to 12 smoke/heat alarms. The system can also be configured so the vibration pad can be linked to an alarm clock.

Are your smoke alarms chirping occasionally? Are they up to date? Call Sharpe Services today and get your fire safety up to date.

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