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Roots love wastewater

Oct 7, 2020

Roots love wastewater

Roots love wastewater

Here’s a little horror story that, fortunately, had a happy ending.

Sharpe Services was called to this western suburbs property when the sewer line became blocked.

Our fully insured and licensed plumber discovered roots had entered a broken joint in the old pipework. The extent of the growth had to be seen to be believed.

But, believe us, this kind of growth is not uncommon. It evolves over months and, sometimes, years and can cause expensive damage.

Early detection of potential problems of cracked pipes or blockages prevents the need for costly repairs in the future.

So if your shower drain makes gurgling sounds, your toilet is slow to flush or your sinks and basins don’t empty quickly, call Sharpe Services.

In this case we replaced the damaged section of pipe and also installed a riser and inspection point to make access easier for future maintenance.

Sharpe Services are available now to resolve any plumbing and drain issues. Call us today.

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