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Evap Tip-Top for Summer

Oct 9, 2020

Evap Tip-Top for Summer

Evap Tip-Top for Summer

Affordable peace of mind comes with a Sharpe Services evap open-up.

This was certainly the case at Woodville this week when homeowners booked a Sharpe tech to check over their evaporative air-conditioner and get it clean and running well for summer.

Sharpe’s experienced, fully qualified and insured tech Johann stripped off the outer covers to access the internals of the main unit.

He cleaned off all the winter grime around the base and fan, then checked the age and condition of the filter pads. He continued Sharpe’s comprehensive pre-season scheduled service by confirming that the float valve, water pump and fan were operating to the manufacturer’s specification.

The internal ducting was also examined for leaks and splits.

The finishing touch was the application of an Ezy Dose cleaning tablet, part of Sharpe’s $165 spring evap service.

Beat the rush of summer evap opens and get Sharpe Services on the job today

Sharpe Services are available now to open up your evap for summer. Call us today. Our fully-licensed and insured technicians will complete the work to the highest standards.

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