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Classic Solar Burnout

Oct 20, 2020

Classic Solar Burnout

Classic Solar Burnout

When the latest power bill arrived, this household was shocked to see there was no feed-in tariff listed.

Obviously something had gone horribly wrong with their solar system so they did the right thing and called Sharpe Services straight away.

One of our experienced techs was soon on the job and tracing the problem.

An electrical surge, possibly during a winter thunderstorm, had burned out the electronics in the inverter and compromised other parts of this older system.

With a supply line to the solar industry’s leading brands, Sharpe has plenty of options to sort out terminal failures such as this.

A surge arrester/circuit breaker was installed in the switchboard and one of the latest-generation inverters retro-fitted to the solar system.

The finishing touch was a new rooftop isolator with a weatherproof cover positioned adjacent to the solar panels.

Call Sharpe Services today if your solar service, repairs, supplies and installs.

If any component fails on your solar system, call Sharpe Services, who have quality retro-fit solutions.

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