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Smoke Alarm Service & Turning Clocks

Sep 30, 2020

Smoke Alarm Service & Turning Clocks

Smoke Alarm Service & Turning Clocks

The start of daylight saving is a reminder for all of us to check our smoke alarms and switchboard.

Do you know the exact laws regarding smoke alarms, who needs them and whether they should be hard-wired? Do you know smoke alarms have a use-by date? How old is yours?

Sharpe Services is here to help. We are offering a full home electrical safety service that includes the changeover of a smoke alarm for only $195.

The safety service involves our experienced and fully licensed techs undertaking visual inspection and electrical testing of circuits and how much load they are under from appliances and heating-cooling systems. The switchboard is also fully tested and its safety compliance confirmed.

As a smoke alarm has a use-by date, Sharpe Services will supply and changeover the latest version as required.

Remember, only a working smoke alarm saves lives.

Sharpe Services are available now to sort your electrics and smoke alarms. We recommend these checks are done by a certified electrician every few years. Call us today.

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