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Cool idea for summer

Sep 13, 2020

Cool idea for summer

Cool idea for summer

Reverse-cycle air-conditioners are one of the hardest working systems in your house.

They work year-round in extremes of heat and cold. This means they need regular servicing to keep them running at peak efficiency.

When was the last time you got yours checked to see if it meets the manufacturer’s performance and electrical safety specifications?

Many people only call a specialist if something goes wrong but this is a false economy. A poorly performing system can blow out your power bill on its way to a terminal failure.

Sharpe Services has a range of capped-price service schedules for affordable peace of mind.

With many important parts of a ducted air-conditioner, such as the airways and dampers, hidden up in the roof space, it’s best to get the entire system professionally serviced.

Not convinced? Then visit the Metropolitan Fire Service website, which has this advice on ducted systems: “The unit must be serviced regularly by a qualified tradesperson in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.”

Regular servicing saves you money so don’t wait until something goes wrong with your air-conditioner to call an expert.

If your reverse-cycle system is running efficiently and is correctly sized for the area it is cooling you should only need to run it at 23-25C.

Early warning signs of potential failure include the main unit becoming noisy, emitting a burning smell or tripping a circuit breaker on the switchboard.

But if your system seems to be losing performance don’t rush into a replacement until Sharpe Services has had a thorough look at it.

With a supply chain to the industry’s best and most trusted brands, Sharpe Services can undertake affordable repairs or advise on and supply the most appropriate replacement system.

Sharpe techs work on all types of reverse-cycle systems: ducted, split and single units.

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