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Ultimate kitchen convenience

Aug 3, 2020

Ultimate kitchen convenience

Ultimate kitchen convenience

The kitchen can get crowded. And it’s not just hungry kids home from sport hanging around for dinner.

The cook is probably multi-tasking, with a lap-top plugged in receiving a final work email, while the mobile phone is also being charged. These are competing with a kitchen appliance on an overcrowded powerpoint.

Sometimes this involves piggybacking with a double adapter. This is dangerous, especially in a “wet area”, but this elephant in the room often goes ignored.

Solve the problem with Sharpe Services’ beast of a multiple-outlet, USB-combination powerpoint. It’s an inexpensive upgrade giving you and your family the ultimate electrical and electronic safety and efficiency.

Sharpe Services calls it “supercharging” as devices are recharging at their maximum rate.

It’s all about speed and convenience. Sharpe Services can also upgrade other outlets, including voice, data and, television sockets.

Powerpoints are required by law to be connected by a licensed electrician with an electrical compliance certificate issued.

Use Easy Book online or call Sharpe Services so our fully-licensed electricians can combine your electrics with USB charging.

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