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Storm damage sorted

Aug 20, 2020

Storm damage sorted

Storm damage sorted

Seaside suburbs can take a hammering over winter and this O’Sullivan Beach property bore the brunt of a recent storm.

Its 1.5kW system was knocked out by lightning. Sharpe Services’ Dean was soon on the scene confirming the worst. Panels, isolator and the inverter on this older system needed replacing.

Mindful of the need to keep the replacement solar at 1.5kW, to ensure the family retained their high feed-in tariff, Dean engineered a much more efficient system.

Five of the latest, high-quality panels replaced the original eight, an indication of how technology has advanced in the past few years. The latest-generation panels produce more power per panel and perform better in low-light conditions, helping this household power through the rest of winter.

Along with a new inverter and fully water-proofed isolator switch, this family was quickly back in the savings. Sharpe Services has experienced, fully qualified and insured techs, along with a supply chain to the solar industry’s leading brands, to help you anytime.

Sharpe Services are happy to work on systems we haven’t originally installed. Call us today.

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