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Safe and sound after a storm

Aug 26, 2020

Safe and sound after a storm

Safe and sound after a storm

A winter deluge can create havoc with household electrics. A thunderstorm can dump an overwhelming amount of water in a few minutes.

This can result in household electrics getting flooded. Sharpe Services, with 30 vans and over 40 years attending household emergencies, can be there within the hour to remedy a disaster.

Households can experience various degrees of power loss after a thunderstorm. For example, if the weatherproofing fails on a switchboard, water can trigger the main isolating safety switch, cutting power to the entire house.

Often just one circuit can be affected, such as this Henley Beach property which lost power to half its external lights. Water had got into one of the up-down lights, and the safety switch had done its job in preventing further damage.

Sharpe Services fully-licensed and insured techs are familiar with these situations and our supply-line to industry-leading products give us the edge. In this case, our tech safely disconnected power to the light and discussed options to improve their lighting and the circuit’s safety.

Has water got into any of your household electrics during the recent storms?

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