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Isolate the problem

Jul 27, 2020

Isolate the problem

Isolate the problem

How old is the isolating switch on your rooftop solar? Is it one of the models that has been subject to recall since 2014? If not, how well insulated against weather is your isolator.

With fine winter weather predicted for the rest of this week, today is the time to answer these questions by getting a Sharpe Services specialist to safety check your solar system.

Water-logged insulators are one of the most common failures this time of year.

Earlier this week, while conducting a solar system clean and service, Sharpe’s certified solar technician Dean replaced an old isolator on a Hallett Cove roof with one that meets current industry standards.

He also gave it the ultimate protection against stormwater and potential summer UV damage by fitting a weatherproof cover.

As roof temperatures can soar to well over 50C in summer it makes sense to safeguard a key component of your solar year-round.

How safe is your solar? Do you have one of the isolators subject to industry recall?

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