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Tingling taps a safety warning

May 10, 2020

Tingling taps a safety warning

Tingling taps a safety warning

One of the most common warning signs that a fault exists in domestic electricity supply is a tingling sensation from a tap or running water.

Many people dismiss this feeling, which is similar to the static shock they may get when touching a car door or putting on some types of polyester clothing.

They don’t realise that the tingling is a minor electrical shock and could mean their household’s electrical system is no longer earthed properly.

Sharpe Services can’t stress enough how a family’s electrical safety can easily be compromised by faulty earth wiring or an outdated switchboard and its obsolete safety components.

Tingling taps indicate a household’s water pipes are being used to earth the building’s power because the main earth system has failed.

These minor shocks can occur when running the shower, a kitchen sink faucet or even outside when using a garden tap.

Don’t ignore early-warning signs of electrical problems, which also include flickering lights or repeated tripping of safety switches and circuit breakers. If you have any concerns contact Sharpe Services today for expert advice.

Any replacement parts required will be supplied at the best quality and reasonably priced because Sharpe is affiliated with the most trusted brands.

All Sharpe staff are COVID-19 Aware, and are Responsible, Sanitised and Up to Date – Adopting Best Practice.

With more people spending time at home during the current health crisis, many household electrical systems are being stretched to the limit.

Sharpe Services can fix any electrical issue in an affordable and timely way.

So don’t risk your household’s safety. Contact Sharpe Services if anyone in your house is getting tingles from taps, metal surfaces or electrical appliances.

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