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Switching your R/C Air conditioner over to heat

May 5, 2016

switching rc airconditioner heat

Switching your R/C Air conditioner over to heat

Depending on the age and condition of your reverse-cycle system you may experience small problems. If you are in doubt it is best to contact a licensed heating-cooling expert, such as Sharpe Services.

If the unit won’t start up, first check the relevant circuit breaker in the switchboard. Some systems also have an isolator switch beside the outdoor condenser unit. Also check the batteries in your remote controller.

If the air vent grill is noisy, this often means the filter needs cleaning. Usually the householder can do this by vacuuming or rinsing it in water and drying it before refitting. Filters should be cleaned one a month.

It is normal for the outdoor condenser unit to produce water during the winter heating operation. However, the small overflow pipe located under the unit in the roof space should never flow. If it does, shut down the entire system and call a technician.

If the system is running in winter but not heating, check that it is in the correct mode. It won’t heat while in the cool mode so switch to heat and set the temperature you want to be comfortable. Around 18C-20C is usually all you need.

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