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Gas Heater Service & Safety Check

Gas and Carbon Monoxide leaks pose a serious risk to your family.

Enjoy the warmth of your Gas Heater… Safely!

To enhance gas safety in homes and offices, Gas Heaters should be serviced on an annual basis by certified gas plumbers. 

Sharpe’s certified gas plumbers are experienced in servicing, repairing and installing gas heaters in homes and offices across Adelaide.

Below, you will see our Gas Service and Safety offers to enhance your homes safety with a Gas Heater Service and Safety Check, or add a Comprehensive Home Gas Safety Service and installation of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Gas Heater Service & Safety Check Service Offer.

A Sharpe Gas Plumber will ensure the operating efficiency, reliability, and safety of your gas heating system. Ensure you experience the benefits of gas heating in your home or office – safely: Our Comprehensive Gas Heater Service includes:

  • All Types of Gas Heaters
  • Ducted, Space, Fireplace, Logfire, Flued, Free Standing, Wall Furnaces – Floor – Bar Heaters
  • Component Examination
  • Pilot Light, Main Burner & Heat Exchanger clean & inspect
  • Piping and Gas Line Inspection
  • Gas Leak inspection
  • Ductwork Checks
  • Efficiency Testing

Written report provided on completion.

For Only $165. Valued Customer Rewards please enquire.

Full Home Gas Safety Offer

Full Home Gas Safety Inspection, Gas Heater Service & CO Alarm Supply & Install

A Sharpe Gas Plumber will ensure the operating efficiency, reliability, and safety of your home’s gas lines and appliances, plus provide a gas heater service. Enhance your home or office’s gas safety with a Full Home Gas Safety Inspection, a Gas Heater Service, and the installation of a new CO Alarm, which includes:

  • All Gas Heater Service & Safety Check points listed above
  • Full Home Gas Safety Check & Sound Test on all Gas Appliances such as Gas Hot Water, Gas Cooking and any appliance connected to your Gas Mains.
  • Thorough gas leak inspection
  • Supply & Install of a CO Alarm
  • Gas Efficiency Testing

Written report provided on completion.

For Only: $290.

Have you had your Gas Heating System, Hot Water Service and Cooking Appliances serviced, checked and tested for the past 3-5 years? No? Think again..

By not regularly servicing gas appliances, it creates the risk of a gas leak. What happens next…

Readings over 30ppm can put you to risk. Levels around 200pm send you into a danger zone and create early carbon monoxide (CO) warning signs of dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, and flu-like symptoms. At 400ppm, the situation can become life-threatening after just three hours. 

You would be surprised as to how often our techs encounter warning signs on their CO Meter Testers, showing alarming levels of CO leaks in homes and offices.

Check your property’s carbon monoxide output levels now!

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Gas Tech’s Expert Advice

Sharpe Expert Gas Plumber, Matt, says that smoke alarms are important, however people don’t realise the equally important addition of a CO Alarm that detects Gas Leaks before they become a problem.

Sharpe Services have a variety of quality Smoke Alarms, CO Alarms, combination Smoke & CO Alarms, plus the Smart Nest Alarm that we supply and install in homes and offices across Adelaide.

You should only use a permanent, electrically integrated detector installed by an Accredited Gas Technician, or request gas tests and servicing using professional equipment.

When to Service & Repair your Gas Heater

  • If your gas water heater, appliances or heating are old.
  • If the last service was over a year ago
  • Before winter / before the cold hits
  • Gas Heaters have been performing intermittently?
  • If your gas systems were installed by an unlicensed tradesmen.
  • If you suspect a gas leak

If you notice any of these, contact Sharpe Immediately for a Gas Inspection. Our Certified Gas Plumbers service, repair and install all gas applianced throughout homes and offices in Adelaide

Certified & Licensed Gas Plumbers

Always use a Licensed Gas Technician

Choosing a Gas Service and Repair company that is a member of the Plumbing Industry Association (PIA) of South Australia is a vital decision if you want to ensure you receive a high level of professionalism and a safer service.

Membership of the PIA ensures that the work is carried out by a licensed & insured professional, with a history of quality work. If a Gas Fitter doesn’t have a PIA logo, then they shouldn’t get your money.

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Gas can be a silent killer

The majority of South Australian households use gas mains as a domestic energy source, but many people are unaware of the importance of gas safety and a scheduled gas service & check.

The heat damaged gas flue pictured was the only indication that an in-roof ducted gas heating system was not working safely. Unnoticed gas and carbon monoxide leaks from your gas heating systems can pose a serious risk to you and your family.

Has your gas heating been serviced yearly and checked to avoid any dangers? Do you have a CO alarm installed?

Gas Heater Flue

Remember problems with gas systems and appliances installed outside or in your roof can easily go undetected.

Ducted • Space • Fireplace • Flued • Freestanding • Wall Furnaces

Book a Worry-Free Gas Heating Service and Safety Check Now. Sharpe’s licenced gas plumbers comprehensively service, check, and test gas appliances, and complete a detailed report on your system’s operation in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Be Safe with Sharpe

As SHARPE celebrates 40 Years of service to South Australian homes, we strive to bring all the technical trades together, offering homes a complete range of services. This means convenience, security and quality service.

David Sharpe

Owner Manager, Sharpe Group

Associations & Memberships

Sharpe is proud to be associated with relevant accreditation organisations, which means that Sharpe is trusted to provide top quality trades and services. We ensure that all Sharpe electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, air con technicians, and solar technicians have the best skills, knowledge and experience for the trade. Be worry free with SHARPE.