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Toilet Cistern Repairs

A guide to toilet cistern repairs and replacement

Toilet Cistern Repairs : A house is a castle, or so they say, and no castle is complete without a throne, which is why if your ‘throne’ needs repair or replacement, you will want to get it done as quickly as possible. Life without an indoor toilet can get annoying fast, within a few days you will feel like you have gone back a few centuries. No matter how much other twenty first century paraphernalia you have around, without a toilet, your house will feel prehistoric. Fortunately, the folk at Sharpe Services here in Adelaide are expert at diagnosing the problem with your potty and either repairing or replacing it, pronto. Sharpe Group team are a toilet cistern repairs experts. You can count on us for advice on bidet toilets and wall hung toilets and everything toilet related.

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Toilet Cistern Repairs

Diagnosis- Identify what is wrong!

Diagnosis is the first step, as always, and it helps to be able to understand what is going wrong with your toilet. One of the first steps in diagnosis is finding out what type of problem your toilet is having. Toilet issues can generally be put into a few different groupings: the blocked toilet; the constantly running toilet; the not properly flushing toilet; and the slow filling toilet. Naturally, there are other areas where problems can occur, but these are by far the most common. We are here to help you with Toilet Repairs. Any kind of toilets can cause some problems and when it comes to bidet toilets they can actually malfunction for which you need expert advice as they are the advanced kind. Sometimes wall hung toilets too can cause some dysfunction as they are attached to the wall and may cause leaks into the wall and may also at some point feel loosened and uncomfortable, it could be that they were improperly installed or plumbing has become defective.

The blocked toilet is probably the most common problem and the team at Sharpe Services are expert at unblocking toilet. Looking at the design of the average toilet, it is not surprising that it gets blocked. The opening goes from circular to oval and constricts and bends. Generally, the blockage can be solved with a plunger but often it has gone beyond the power of the plunger and requires an auger. Bidet toilets and wall hung toilets being as techno and unusual as they are also will need professional care whenever they start to go wrong.

Is your toilet running water?

The constantly running toilet is an irritant. It still works, but it is wasting water and it is never silent. This is generally caused by a problem with the ballcock, float cup or a defective fill valve seal. Don’t let your toilet constantly run. Not only are you costing yourself more money, you are wasting water. Sharpe Services can assist by either toilet cistern repairs  or installing a new one with working toilet parts and working toilet flush.

Is your toilet not flushing?

If your toilet is not properly flushing, this can be unsightly, smelly and annoying. Often this happens with more modern ‘low flow’ toilets. Instead of taking less water, they need to be flushed multiple times. If you have an older toilet then the issue is probably with a clogged bowl entry. The water is not flowing from the cistern to the  toilet bowl properly, resulting in a weak flush. Toilet bowls could also cause leaks in which case you might have to look for cracks or replace the whole toilet bowl.

Is your toilet slow to fill?

Last up, the slow filler. Generally speaking, this is caused by the fill valve getting clogged, although there may be issues further down the line as well. The team at Sharpe Services will be able to diagnose whether the issue is within the toilet itself or within your house’s internal plumbing. We can help you with the replacement of toilet tank parts, toilet seats and toilet parts.

Luckily, most problems with toilets can be repaired, and if worse comes to worse, Sharpe Services can help you to resolve the problem as quickly, painlessly and cheaply as possible. Don’t suffer a blocked, running, non-flushing or slow filling toilet any longer. If you live in Adelaide, call Sharpe Services 08 7150 1620 .

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