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Gas Hot Water Repairs

Need gas hot water system repairs or replacements?

Gas Hot Water Repairs and Replacement in Adelaide – call the team at Sharpe Services, we have a large staff of fully trained and qualified master plumbers and gas fitters on standby. Sharpe Services can send a technician to your home or business to repair the gas hot water heater today. Our trade vehicles are fully stocked with commonly used parts which allows our team be able to solve your hot water problem sooner.

Gas Hot Water Systems we repair include, Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, Aquamax, Dux, Everhot, Thermann, Vulcan, and more… 

Sharpe Gas Fitters are trusted with Gas Hot Water System repairs and quick replacements. Our plumbers analyse your hot water requirements to provide options for the most efficient hot water systems for your home and office. This way you will be provided with the most efficient hot water system and not have to worry about high hot water bills.

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We are Master Plumbers in Adelaide.

The Master Plumbers Association of South Australia Inc is a Membership Association, Group Training Company and a Registered Training Organisation based in South Australia, to promote the on-going protection of community, health and safety through the provision of quality plumbing services.

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Gas Hot Water Repairs

Common issues with gas hot water systems

Below is a quick check list to troubleshoot problems you may experience with your gas water heating. However, remember that any gas hot water repairs need to be done by a qualified gas plumber or gas fitter Adelaide. This is for your safety and to protect your warranty more over uncertified work may void the warranty on the fitting or appliance.

No hot water

If you have absolutely no hot water, it could either be :

  • the pilot light has gone out,
  • or the gas supply has been turned off,
  • finally the gas valve may needs replacement.

Follow your owner’s manual when checking the pilot light and gas supply. Do not touch the gas valve, as this requires a licenced plumber for hot water repairs Adelaide or gas water heater repairs Adelaide.

Not enough hot water

If you don’t have enough hot water or it takes too long to reheat, the issue could be

  • the thermostat set is too low and needs to be turned up
  • you could have low gas pressure
  • due to a build up of sediment in tank
  • your water heater may not be large enough for your requirements.

Refer to your hot water systems owner’s manual before checking the thermostat. Adjustments may need to be carried out by a licenced plumber to avoid setting the temperature too high. Water over 50C can put your family at risk of in burns and scalds. All other issues need a licenced technician, contact Sharpe Services for water heater repairs in Adelaide such as gas hot water heater repairs Adelaide and gas plumbers and gas fitters Adelaide.

Hot water with a bad odour

Sometimes water heaters have issues with hot water which smells, this can be caused by a faulty anode. An experienced plumber will be able to uncover the source of the odour.

Noisy gas hot water system

Another problem that we regularly see with gas storage hot water is that the cylinder is noisy. Often this is not because of any particular problem, it is just a part of the normal noise. If you are concerned that this is not a normally occurring sound or it has just become noisy, the issue could be caused by:

  • a build up of sediment in the storage tank
  • condensation dripping onto the burner.

The best thing to do is call a qualified technician as they will be able to tell you whether it is a normal or abnormal noise.

Gas hot water heater repairs

Using an instant gas hot water system to heat your water gives you endless hot water, plus it can save on your power bill. .

Remember, whatever the problem, all gas hot water repairs and replacement need to be done by a qualified technician and gas plumber Adelaide. Contact Sharpe Services for all your gas hot water repairs throughout Adelaide on 08 7150 1624 or complete our Service Request Form today.

Hot Water System Brands we Service, Replace, Repair, Supply & Install

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Licenced Gas Plumber with the best tools and equipment

We only employ fully trained Master Plumbers and we are a member of the Master Plumbers Association. Our gas plumbers drive fully-stocked service vehicles with the full range of common stock items as well as gas leak detection and repair equipment. Our plumbers specialise in all home and office plumbing and gas requirements to deal with blocked drains, burst pipes, install and repair of tap and all your hot water requirements.

Service Within the Hour

When life throws you a Gas Emergency, (View SA Gov Gas Leak procedures)  call Sharpe Services on 08 7150 1621, our certified Gas plumbers can be there Within the Hour. With 30+ fully equipped vans located across Adelaide, we’re ready to detect and repair any Gas Leaks and improve your home's gas safety in your home or office.

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Our Local Emergency Gas Plumbers are genuinely friendly people who care. They do the job properly, are informative and clean up before they leave, all with a smile on their face.

You are our lifeblood and we strive to keep you happy!

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Sharpe Services is industry leaders. We are accredited, insured and trusted advisors when it comes to your property. With the best-certified tradesman backed by the top lifetime Guarantee, which fully covers all labour beyond the standard 1-year guarantee.

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With over 40 years in the industry and 30+ vans located across Adelaide, we’re here for the long run. We employ fully trained & licenced tradesmen Solar Electricians, Air Conditioning Techs, Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Electricians and Data Cablers, and ensure that they receive continuous training to keep them up to regulations and standards, ensuring you receive only the best.