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Emergencies WITHIN THE HOUR*

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Emergencies WITHIN THE HOUR*

24/7 Electricians Adelaide

80% of our jobs per month are returning customers who are unquestionably satisfied with the quality of the service we provide

Call Sharpe Services if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Safety switch/ tripped fuse

  • No Power / lights out

  • Humming Switchboards

  • Electrical hot water service

  • Electrical Shock

  • Tingling Taps

  • Full power loss/outages

  • Blown fuse

  • Faulty power points

  • Smell smoke/burning

  • Exposed wiring

  • Data Points cablings

We offer only PREMIUM quality electrical services with the best value for money!

40+ Years, 5th Generation South Australian owned family run company.

Gold Masters Electricians

Why Us?

We are one of ONLY 0.13% of electrical companies in South Australia who have GOLD MASTER Electrician Accreditation.

We are not like over 99% of electricians in the market! We have Gold Master Electrician accreditation. This is the highest level in the industry, companies who attain this accreditation are considered the best in the business!

All work done by Sharpe Services is covered by $20 Million insurance policy.

We believe in premium level of protection for you as our customer, and providing you the highest proficiency level.

We also take out Professional Indemnity Insurance. So, you can get your service done with full peace of mind.

We are  one of a few  companies Licensed with Fully Accreditation and complied to meeting the Highest Australian Standards!

The First of only 0.13% of companies in SA that have Gold Master Electrician Accreditation.

This is the highest level in the industry.

The companies who attain this accreditation are considered the best.

Takes seven to ten years of education and training to become Master Plumbers Accredited.

Can feel confident that the job maintains the highest standards of business conduct and quality level.

Can be confident that no matter the difficulty of the plumbing job, our Certified Master Plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and tools to complete it professionally.

Indispensable qualification of installing solar and storage.

Can feel confident that the system will be safely installed by a qualified professional.

Professional and qualified technicians who follow the highest industry Code of Practice.

Our 100% in-house team of over 30 licensed technicians are all highly skilled,
most with over ten years of service and industry experience.

You will always feel secure dealing with Sharpe.

You are in the right hands because we care. We care a lot!

Servicing generations of the same family

Our service is so professional that our customers recommend us to their children, other family members, and friends.

Among 0.13% companies certified to the highest Australian standards

The FIRST of only 0.13% companies in SA who have Gold Master accreditation that gives you peace of mind that you will receive ONLY the premium quality service.

Multi Award-winning accredited company

Delivering the highest standard and complete range of technical trades and services to South Australian homes.

10 years workmanship

We are proudly industry trusted leaders who are happy to cover you with 10 years peace of mind warranty.

No Subcontractors

Our fully licensed techs are trained and qualified to the highest industry standards and requirements. We have the highest retention rate, and customers love seeing the same techs again.

Local Techs within the hour*

Our technicians live and work throughout the Adelaide Metro area, responding to your emergencies within the hour.

Best value for your money

We are not going to rip you off with fixed pricing! Transparency is at the core of what we do. You should choose a minimum charge and guaranteed quoted price that complies with Australian Consumer Law.

Fully equipped vans to do the job quickly.

We value your time. Our techs carry a wide array of parts in each van to do the job quickly and on the spot.

*Only Emergency services.

Book our Techs or Safety Services

Meet a few of our highly trusted and experienced techs, with more than 10+ years of service with Sharpe.

Let Sharpe Services ensure your family’s safety while you enjoy your life, having 100% peace of mind, with regular checks & servicing conducted by fully qualified technicians, who produce work to the highest level of excellence.


Electrician Carl,

11 years

Plumber Adam,

8 years

Solar Tech David,

12 years

Gas Tech Dan,

13 years

A/C Tech Jason,

12 years

Evap Tech Scott,

7 years

Being an industry Gold Master Electrician accredited we want to warn South Aussies.


Never use a company or business with NO Name. Being just “Local Electrician” is NOT a company name. There might be no company to go back to if something goes wrong. You don’t know the accreditation of that companies.

Always order from a company who is a member of an Association, as the company name credentials licencing are checked and current. You will be insured!

NEVER work with a company who takes cash ONLY. If it’s only accepting cash, you’ve got to question the validity of that business and whether they’re paying tax.

Does $50 off really save? Many companies offer $50 off just to get you in and make you book. You may end up paying more. What they will do they will incorporate that price into their real job.

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