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Evaporative Cooler Shutdown Service

Evaporative Shutdown Service Adelaide

An Evaporative Winter Shutdown Service is vital to extending the lifespan of your Evaporative System as it protects your system from the winter elements, plus it significantly reduces unwanted drafts and loss of heat in the home throughout winter.

The end-of-season evaporative system service and shutdown includes a complete system test, inspection, clean, and shut-off of water supply (plus covering if available) your evaporative air conditioning system.

This will ensure your system is protected from the harsh winter weather so that it will work effectively and safely for longer.

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Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC)

The Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC) is the peak body for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Australia, servicing over 90,000 individuals and businesses. The ARC administers refrigerant handling licences and refrigerant trading authorisations on behalf of the Australian Government, to professionals in the refrigeration/air conditioning and auto industry.

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Evaporative Cooler Shutdown Service Adelaide

Shutdown your Evaporative Coolers for Winter

Now that Adelaide is experiencing colder and wetter weather, you need to give your evaporative airconditioner an end of season shut-down. Not only will this improve the heating efficiency of your home, it can increase the Life and long-run performance of your cooling system. Frequent use over Summer can wear the components of your evaporative system, affecting long-term reliability and efficiency, all this should be checked at Shutdown.

Correctly shutting down your evaporative air conditioner in winter has a number of associated benefits including;

>> improving the heating efficiency of your home

>> reducing the risk of bacteria and algae growth in the reservoir over the winter period

>> increasing the longevity of your evaporative air conditioner

Dirt and grime

Entering your unit over the course of a year and scale build-up from Adelaide’s hard water, can also affect your cooler. Dirt and scale on your pads decreases water absorption and evaporation, reducing its ability to cool. Over time, materials stuck on your pads can cause them to lose their shape, drastically reducing performance, potentially leading to problems in the main unit and water damage inside your home. Electrical faults within evaporative air conditioners have been known to cause dangerous roof fires, with the added danger of your unit’s ducting will provide a conduit for the flames to spread throughout your home. Shutting Down for Winter is critical for Evaporative AC’s.

When shoud I Shutdown my Evaporative Cooler

The shutdown is a service that shouldn’t be skipped if you want to maximise the lifespan of an evaporative cooler and maintain the quality of the air inside your home. March to April is the optimal time to be shutting down the unit – before it’s too cold but not before you are done with the cooling capabilities.

Manufacturers recommendations are to be professionally serviced yearly at the start and finish of the season. So book Sharpe Services now to manage your evaporative cooler shut down. Be worry free, save time and hassles. Sharpe Services Technicians will comprehensively run checks and tests plus record a detailed report to fully guarantee your systems operation to manufacturers recommendations.


Now the warm weather is finally over, what should I be doing to look after my evaporative cooling system?

It’s important to get it weatherproof for winter and have a trained technician shut down your unit to stop drafts and protect the system against high wind, rain, and hail damage. When the unit is not used, prevention from invasive vermin, birds, dust and debris is important.

What does the shutdown involve?

Our technicians will drain and clean sludge and rubbish from the basin, sump and pumps. Wash pads to remove sediment. Fitting your weatherproof cover protector to the rooftop is a must. All power to the evap cooler is isolated and water is turned off.

Anything else I should know?

Our technicians will provide a detailed written report on your systems condition. We can even supply and fit new rooftop cooler cover. Never assume everything is OK because it hasn’t given trouble over recent years.

Evaporative Cooler Covers. Supply & Fitted

Sharpe Technicians can supply and fit a weatherproof Evap Cooler cover to your rooftop unit to keep weather, leaves, and dirt out of filters, pump, float valve and motor while stopping drafts.

Cooler covers also reduce vermin and insects invading your system.

Let Us Shutdown, Check & Report on your Evaporative Airconditioner.

Be worry free, save time and hassles.

Evaporative Close Safety Service – ‘Sharpe Services’

A Sharpe Evaporative Air Conditioning Specialist will ensure the operating efficiency, reliability and safety of your Evaporative Air Conditioning System. Evaporative Services include:

  • Inspect/flush filter pads, report wear/conditions.
  • Clean & Check unit, water distributor channels, ball float, valve assembly, pump & filter, remove dirt and mold, water reservoir, and motor test run.
  • Test run to check motor 
  • Apply spray seal protective coating and close unit with appropiate cover if avail.

We service All Major Evaporative Air Conditioning Brands. Written evap service report provided on completion

First job $165. Customer Rewards please enquire.

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