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Hot Water in tip-top condition?

Sep 15, 2021


If your Hot Water System is currently over 12 years old, and you have high electricity or gas bills, then your Hot Water System may be on its way out!

Did you know that there are several factors that you must consider to make sure your hot water unit is in tip-top condition?

Leaking valves and water quality are huge factors of a long-lasting unit. Neglecting to service your Hot Water System may bring about massive out-of-pocket expenses, such as repair and replacement costs.

Have you noticed a slow flow of water coming through your system? This is an indication that your unit is ready to burst any minute. 

Did you know that valves on some electric hot water systems are hazardous, and may result in serious injury or explosion if not regularly serviced? 

Book a regular Plumbing (Hot Water) Service and Safety Check today and save your pocket from these disasters.

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