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Avoid the risk of a house fire

Sep 15, 2021

Solar hammered by storms

Avoid the risk of a house fire by having your solar isolator meet the current industry standards

Think about it. An electrical fault can easily spark a fire!

80% of “unsafe” solar systems had problems related to the isolator, bringing the highest fire risk for solar owners.

Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix. The weatherproofing seals on older isolators can degrade, letting in moisture. The fluid breached nature of your system makes it vulnerable to weather or animal damage, especially cabling and connectors. A national review found that 25% of all residential solar systems installed after 2011 had issues classified as “severe or high risk”. 

Winter is the time when everyone’s solar system needs to be working at peak efficiency. Sadly, often that isn’t the case.

How well is your rooftop solar working right now?

Sharpe Services recommends getting older solar systems checked annually for safety and performance.

Sharpe certified solar electricians use specialist testing equipment to make sure solar systems haven’t been compromised by stormwater.

How old is your isolating switch?

Industry standards have changed over the last few years. Make sure your solar isolator meets current waterproofing specifications. Solar isolators that are 5 or more years old would benefit from new components that meet current safety standards.

Yearly inspections can uncover storm-damaged or inferior-quality panels or even wildlife taking up refuge and chewing the wiring.

Make sure your rooftop solar is harvesting all the energy it can.

Are you monitoring your solar output this winter?

Has the performance dropped off compared to the same time last year?

When was the last time you had your solar safety-checked and serviced?

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