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Avoid 30% Solar Efficiency reduction

Sep 15, 2021

Birdseye view of solar

Avoid 30% solar efficiency reduction, and loss of hundreds of dollars of free energy and feed-in tariffs due to lack of regular solar service.

Have you got any idea what’s happening up on your roof? Solar systems can get terribly neglected up high and out of sight.

Mould, bird droppings, dust, soil, and dirt accumulated on your solar panels significantly decreases the energy production of your panels. Be aware that in many systems, if one panel has dirt, bird droppings, and mould it will drastically reduce the whole system’s output, even if the rest of the panels are operating normally.

On one of our customer’s properties, our Solar tech identified that birds had taken over their solar system.

The homeowners called Sharpe Services and our tech soon discovered that the nesting pigeons had fouled the area under the panels so much that the electrical connections were compromised.

The first indication of trouble was an error code on the solar system’s inverter. After testing the current flow, it was determined there was a potential hazard of short-out, so the system was shut down. It took two solar technicians to lift the panels, clean out the area and replace damaged electrical connections.

Sharpe Services’ techs did all this in an efficient and timely fashion to get the system operating at peak efficiency again.

The moral of this story is: Don’t neglect solar servicing.

Maintenance and scheduled servicing are a fraction of the cost of repairs and replacements.

Sharpe Services offers a comprehensive safety check and service for any make of solar system.

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