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Affordable first step towards electrical safety

Sep 15, 2021


What happens when an older house finally gets dragged into the modern world? It’s not pretty and it risks household safety.

Not having a switchboard upgrade and running modern electrical appliances in old houses that are more than 40 years old put your house at a high risk of fire. 

Sharpe Services was called to this original Hove home after a bedroom light stopped working. Licensed electrician Mark soon discovered loose wires in the fitting. This was easily fixed. Then a general inspection of the house electrics revealed some common and dangerous issues. The main one was an outdated switchboard that still relied on old porcelain fuses, rather than circuit breakers, and didn’t even have a safety switch. As well, old powerpoints were connected to multiple appliances, risking circuit overload. Safety switches have been required in new house builds and renovations since 1991, but a surprising number of older houses don’t have them.

A switchboard upgrade by Sharpe Services’ experienced and fully licensed electricians is an affordable first step towards electrical safety.

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