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A lack of Air Care can cost you!

Sep 15, 2021

A lack of Air Care can cost you!

A lack of Air Care can cost you!

Recent statistics compiled by a leading Air Conditioning manufacturer suggested that only 1 in 3 homes clean and service their system annually, resulting in thousands of dollars being wasted every year due to inefficient energy use and breakdown repairs. A system failure happens slowly, and leads to overworked inefficient heating and cooling. A poorly serviced A/C could use at least 30% more energy compared to a well-maintained one. Reverse Cycle A/C is one of the hardest working systems in your house. Sadly, many people neglect regular maintenance, only calling the experts when something starts going wrong.

Sharpe Services got called to this inner-western Adelaide suburb when an older and poorly maintained system started making a lot of strange noises and was struggling to start. Fortunately, Sharpe was called just in time before the problems became terminal. The rubber fan mounts had decayed, and a driving wheel in the blower had failed. These systems work year-round in extremes of heat and cold, which means they need regular servicing to keep them running at peak efficiency.

Many people only call a specialist if something goes wrong but this is a false economy. 

A poorly performing system can blow out your power bill on its way to a terminal failure. With many vital parts of an A/C system hidden inside the unit or up in the roof space, it’s best to get the entire system professionally serviced.

Not convinced yet? Then visit the Metropolitan Fire Service website, which has this advice: “The unit must be serviced regularly following the manufacturer’s instructions.”

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