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5 Plumbing Emergencies

Sep 15, 2021


5 Plumbing Emergencies that will force their way into your drain and savings

If your home dates to the early 1960s, there is a chance that your home is filled with cracking pipes and failing internal plumbing systems. Below are five plumbing emergencies that can easily be alleviated, more so, prevented with regular Plumbing Service and Safety Checks. 

1. Dripping Taps

A single leaking tap can waste up to 24,000L of water yearly! Not only is a leak sending money down the drain in lost water, but a persistent drip can also cause long-term damage. Drips and leaks can be a symptom of a greater issue, such as water supply pressure, or the possibility of corroded or damaged water pipes that may eventually lead to burst pipes.

2. Water Hammer

Do your pipes make a hammering sound when you turn a tap on? A water hammer occurs when water suddenly changes direction. Also, it can occur when the water pressure is too high. The momentum change causes pressure waves in the pipes, leading to serious pipe damage once the pressure gets too high.

3. Burst Pipe

While most burst pipes are very obvious, there can often be a burst water pipe that goes completely undetected. Water and pipes that are under high pressure can cause enormous and expensive damages when they fail.

4. Leaking Pipes

Until a few decades ago, galvanised steel pipes were used for household water supply lines. This was replaced by copper pipes because galvanised pipes only last around 50 years. They rust from the inside out, building up a scale that restricts water flow. Eventually, pinholes appear and the pipes leak.

5. Blocked Drains

Clay sewer pipes also referred to as earthenwares, were used until the 1980s. They are prone to cracking and failing, as soil expands and contracts. This allows roots to get in and bung them up. Too many Adelaide homes have old vitreous ceramic and clay stormwater pipes that are rigid and brittle, subject to cracking and joint failures.

Unattended leaks, caused by rusted gutters or blocked stormwater drains, can cause real damage to the structure, and internal and external walls of your house.

Did you know that a lot of cracks through internal walls or movement of house structures might be a cause of blocked stormwater or sewer drains, or even worse, cracked pipes beneath the surface that can’t be seen! An annual general (camera) inspection of underlying pipes is recommended if old earthenwares are present.

Ignore warning signs of plumbing problems and repair costs will add up quicker than you can count.

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