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5 Dangers in you home

Sep 15, 2021


5 dangers in your home that might be putting your life at risk, compromising your insurance.

If you have a house dating back to the early 1980s there is a chance that your home is filled with hidden and life-threatening electrical dangers—disasters waiting to happen. Below are six hidden dangers that can easily be located and prevented with regular Electrical Service and Safety Checks.

1. Halogen Downlights

Halogen downlights are a feature of many old homes. They are not only inefficient, but they can also reach temperatures of up to 350 degrees celsius. The high degrees produced can easily ignite debris or highly flammable insulation in the ceiling, which means there may be a potential fire risk lurking in your home.

2. Overloaded Powerpoints

Overloaded power points can cause fires and electrocutions. People whose homes had deteriorated wiring and electrical systems didn’t know that they had been overloading their powerpoints. This powerpoint fused and blew up after occupants plugged in too many appliances, using adaptors and extension cables. The ceramic fuses fitted on the switchboard couldn’t react in time to stop burnout. 

3. VIR Cabling and Live Wires

SA’s old houses are electrical death traps. VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber) cabling was used extensively in all types of buildings until the 1950s.  If you have a house dating back to this era, there is a chance the rubber protection has perished and the cotton insulation has rotted. They have obsolete wiring sheathed in metal tubing and insulated with cotton cladding, creating a threat of short out, electrocution, and fire.

4. Asbestos and ceramic fuses in switchboard

We all know that asbestos can be deadly. How many of us know that any house built before the early 1990s is likely to have asbestos in the switchboard backing panel? If disturbed it is likely to release dangerous dust and fibres. Many homes have outdated and potentially dangerous ceramic or porcelain fuses in their switchboards. This is very basic protection against circuit overloads but can’t prevent the risk of electrocution. They should be replaced with modern combination safety switch/circuit breakers. 

5. Out-f-date Smoke Alarms

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Alarms are lifesavers. The Metropolitan Fire Service stated: A clean, working smoke alarm is the difference between life and death. Most fire-related deaths result from inhaling toxic fire gases rather than contact with flame.

Are yours in tip-top order? Don’t take chances. Replace your old unit before it cost you more than money.

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