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Does this look right to you? Not to us.

Aug 20, 2021

Does this look right to you? Not to us.

Does this look right to you? Not to us.

This cooktop looks OK. What’s wrong with it? Hidden away below the bench-top is a dodgy DIY gas cooktop installation we discovered recently. It could have had fatal consequences for the user. During a service call our Sharpe technician was about to pressure test the gas supply line when he noticed there was no regulator fitted. If this wasn’t bad enough, several non-compliant fittings had been used to hook this cooktop up to the gas supply. All unseen and potentially lethal.

So this was a ticking time bomb? Absolutely. The regulator is a vital component that ensures the exact amount of gas is delivered safely to the cooktop. Running a gas system without one is as crazy as driving around in a car that’s leaking petrol all over the exhaust.

What was the solution here? It wasn’t that big a job to rectify the dodgy installation work using our compliant components and technical know-how. The important question is this: Have you had your gas cooker checked in the past five years?

No. Why should I? Because a lot of small issues can build up to a dangerous situation. Only qualified technicians can test wear and tear on the regulators, venturis, manifolds and all the connections in household gas delivery systems. Sharpe Services can help you to repair or install a new regulator or supply & install quality gas cooktops. 

A Cooking Equipment Check & Service will help you avoid safety issues, and ensure your Cooktops and Ovens are at their best only.

A Sharpe Technician will: 

  • Low Level Appliance & Gas Lines Check
  • Inspect gas external lines for leakage
  • Inspect & check working operation of appliances before servicing
  • Inspect & check pilot/hot surface ignition (HSI)
  • Inspect, clean & check main burner’s condition
  • Check thermocouple’s condition
  • Check burner’s pressure as per manufacturer’s specification
  • Check all thermostats and operation
  • Carry out soundness test on pipework installation (appliances turned off)

We recommend drain checks annually and have your hot water system serviced every five years at your home & work.

For more information on our Cooking Equipment Services contact Sharpe Services on 131 750 or Book Online today.

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