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Adelaide home destroyed by a gas leak

Aug 20, 2021

Adelaide home destroyed by a gas leak

Adelaide home destroyed by a gas leak

A senior citizen miraculously survived with only minor injuries when an undetected gas leak exploded, resulting in serious damage to his Morphett Vale home.

Investigators determined that a large pocket of natural gas had built-up underneath the premises, igniting when some escaped and came into contact with their water heater.

Sharpe Expert Gas Fitter “Dan” attended the house with the Carbon Monoxide Leak mentioned above. His advice regarding carbon monoxide:

What are the signs that I’ve got a carbon monoxide leak? Carbon Monoxide is deadly because you can’t see or smell it, although there are signs that you may be at risk.

If you notice black marks or discolouration on your gas appliance or flue, call a licensed gas technician immediately. If the flames are no longer blue or excessively large, then there is incomplete combustion of the gas and so carbon monoxide is likely to be present.

Dust or debris around the flue pipe is also a warning sign of blockages.

Homeowners should be aware of the early physical symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure such as: headaches, dizziness and breathlessness.

Always use a Licensed Gas Technician

Choosing a Gas Repair company that is a member of Master Plumbers of South Australia is a vital decision, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service. If a Gas Tech does not have a Master Plumbers accreditation, then they should not get your money. Using an unlicensed Gas technician is extremely unsafe, more so, deadly!

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