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$50,000 of home damage from a gas leak! They did not know the risk.

Aug 20, 2021

$50,000 of home damage from a gas leak! They did not know the risk.

$50,000 of home damage from a gas leak! They did not know the risk.

A leak from a faulty gas cooker severely injured a busy Northern Suburbs mother. Whilst she was preparing a meal the leak ignited; leading to a loud explosion heard hundreds of metres away. The unfortunate woman suffered severe burns to her face and chest although the other occupants were uninjured. The resulting fire and smoke caused $50,000 of damages to the kitchen and building.

Gas Risk Statistics

According to the most recent statistics by the Metropolitan Fire Service, there were 285 gas odour and leak incidents in Adelaide. There have been 20 gas incidents involving injury or property damage in the last 2 years. In addition to this, every year in Australia, 364 people are hospitalised with Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide present very real risks to your home.

Sharpe Gas Technician Steve has years of experience installing and servicing gas appliances.

What are the common causes of gas leaks? There are a variety of situations that can cause an appliance to leak natural gas.

Either due to age or accidental damage, leaks can occur from cracked joints, corroded seals, faulty connections or broken valves in either the appliance or your gas piping.

Faulty pilot lights or ignitions can lead to gas escaping from your appliance.

You should be aware that leaks can build up without the tell-tale gas smell, and that major gas leaks don’t just pose a fire risk, they can kill you in your sleep like carbon monoxide.

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