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Tingling Taps – This Can Be Deadly

May 13, 2021

Tingling Taps - This Can Be Deadly

Tingling Taps – This Can Be Deadly

Did You Know? In 60% of our Electrical Safety Inspections, we find life-threatening hazards that can lead to devastating house fires or electrocution.

Unseen to you but are life-threatening to your family!

When was the last time you had your home’s electrical checked?

Did you know to ensure the safety of your kids and family in your home this life-saving procedure has to be conducted on a regular basis by Certified Electricians?

Unseen electrical wiring and old switchboards are among the main root causes of electrocution of children, and home fires in Adelaide homes.

Sharpe Services can’t stress enough how a family’s electrical safety can easily be compromised by faulty earth wiring or an outdated switchboard and its obsolete safety components.

One of the MANY signs of the hidden problem in your house is Tingling Taps that indicate a household’s water pipes are being used to earth the building’s power because the main earth system has failed. These minor shocks can occur when running the shower, a kitchen sink faucet, or even outside when using a garden tap.

The most frightening is that many people may NOT even feel it!!!

Don’t ignore early warning signs of electrical problems, which also include

  • flickering lights,
  • sparks flying out power points
  • repeated tripping of safety switches and circuit breakers.
  • and many more

If you have any concerns, contact Sharpe Services’ Certified Electricians for expert advice. To identify electrical faults and dangers that may be unseen to you, we offer a full home electrical safety service conducted by our Certified Electricians, which is a regular MUST have!

With dark and cold winter nights coming in and more people spending time at home, many household electrical systems are being stretched to the limit.

Don’t wait… Let us identify and fix the electrical issues before they become a problem. Our Quick, yet Comprehensive Electrical Safety Inspection run by fully Certified Electricians will identify those life-threatening hazards before they become a deadly problem.

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