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Solar isolator on fire

Apr 12, 2021

Solar isolator on fire

Solar isolator on fire

When Sharpe Services get an emergency callout, our team is prepared for anything.

In this case we were called to a property where the occupier had said their solar system’s inverter had melted.

But when our tech got out there, it was the isolator nearby that was smoldering.

Thinking quickly, our tech got the fire extinguisher from his work van and smothered the flare-up.

Sharpe Services’ 30 vans are fully-equipped, self-contained mobile workshops with all the tools necessary to sort out any solar, electrical or plumbing emergency.

Our techs are also prepared to go that bit extra and in this case our tech helped with an incident report for the insurance company. This helped fast-track getting the system fixed and running quickly again.

If it pays to keep an eye on inverters and isolators, or regularly look at your system’s wi-fi monitoring to ensure the system is working correctly.

Extreme and changeable weather, like we are getting this summer, can put huge strain on systems, particularly older ones.

The waterproofing seals on older isolators can fail, or loose and corroded joints and cracked insulation in the system’s wiring can short-circuit.

Sharpe Services urges homeowners to check their solar inverter for an error code, especially after a weather event.

Sharpe Services techs are available now to check your solar system for safety and performance.

We can also give your isolator the ultimate protection by fitting a weatherproof cover.

How safe is your solar? Do you have one of the isolators subject to industry recall?

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