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Pump up the heating savings

Mar 26, 2021

Pump up the heating savings

Pump up the heating savings

A trend is developing for heat pumps to replace older hot water storage systems, to move away from gas, or to replace a solar hot water system to make space on your roof for a solar system.

Here’s another one Sharpe Services installed last week after a ground-mounted electric hot water storage unit died.

Heat pumps, which convert 1kW of energy in 4kW of heat, are very affordable to run, especially if the household has a solar system generating energy. Part of the cost of supply and installation is offset by the green credits they are awarded. Sharpe Services can handle all the paperwork involved for you to get these rebates.

One of the most highly regarded heat pumps on the market is the EvoHeat Evo270. It provides 270 litres of hot water with a Hydroboost feature that delivers up to 105 litres of 60C hot water an hour, even when outside temperatures have plunged below zero.

The Evo270 has other class-leading features, including a “vacation mode”. This allows it to be deactivated while the house is empty but programmed to make sure there is hot water when the family returns home.

While fitting a heat pump to replace a broken storage unit is fairly straightforward, you need an experienced tech to get all the small details carried out professionally.

As part of the installation at this job our Sharpe Services tech fitted new non-return valves and a pressure relief valve, along with some careful routing of pipework.

Traditional water heating systems, such as electricity and gas, account for up to 35 per cent of a household’s energy bill. This means there’s a big decision to be made when the time comes to replace your old system.

Talk to Sharpe Services today about your best hot water replacement options.

Sharpe Services has 30 vans and the experience of 40 years in operation. Our professionals can attend plumbing, electrical and solar emergencies within the hour.

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