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Household gets “Energized”

Mar 12, 2021

Household gets “Energized”

Household gets “Energized”

When it comes to battery power, there is one name that says it all: Energizer. A pioneer in battery technology since 1896, Energizer is now taking on the home battery storage market in Adelaide by teaming up with Sharpe, a company with over four decades of local experience.

Sharpe Services recently installed this Energizer Homepower energy storage system and it’s easy to see why this new star player is about to kick some major goals in South Australia.

The Energizer Homepower battery storage system has the technology to back up its sleek, compact design.

Capable of being installed indoors or outdoors, the weatherproof Homepower can be positioned  exactly where you want it.

The base unit size of 6.1kWh can be expanded to 12.2kWh, 18.3kWh or 24.4kWh so the system can grow with your family’s future needs.

There is 24-hour monitoring and energy management available through smart-phone and web-based technology. This gives you total control of the power being produced so you can charge off the grid when prices are low and sell to the grid when prices are high through a Virtual Power Plant plan.

The Energizer Homepower storage system has a 10-year, 10,000 cycle warranty.

Sharpe is South Australia’s first and only Authorised Reseller and Installer for the new Energizer Homepower energy storage system. 

Sharpe Services are experts in all forms of solar and battery storage. Talk to us today.

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