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Dig up the dirt on aircon filters

Mar 21, 2021

Dig up the dirt on aircon filters

Dig up the dirt on aircon filters

Recently Sharpe Services got a call to a property whose owners reckoned that their ducted airconditioner might be overdue for servicing.

The first thing our tech looked at was the filter. Surely enough, it was clogged with dust and grime.

Dirty filters are a sure sign that the homeowner doesn’t do anything to their system until it develops a fault. Filters should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every few months but the system itself should be serviced by an experienced and fully qualified expert every 12 months.

This is why Sharpe Services’ scheduled service system works so efficiently for our regular customers. We take charge of everything for a modest fixed price to give you total peace of mind.

As well as being a potential health risk, dirty filters are one of the leading causes of an airconditioner malfunctioning. Blocked filters force the system to work harder, raising energy consumption by up to 20 per cent. The strain caused by a restricted air flow can significantly shorten the system’s lifespan.

In this case, as well as sorting out the dirty filters, our Sharpe Services tech tested the aircon’s refrigerant level and power current draw, then checked all connections for safety and performance.

Scheduled servicing is always cheaper than repairs and replacement so book a Sharpe scheduled service today.

Sharpe Services are experts in all types of airconditioning installations, servicing and repairs. Call us today.

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