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Switchboard horror stories

Feb 2, 2021

Switchboard horror stories

Switchboard horror stories

You would be amazed at what Sharpe Services’ tech often find when they open up old switchboards and look behind.

This switchboard, in one of Adelaide’s older houses, is a typical example.

Over the decades the switchboard has had various circuits added to it as the house has been upgraded and modern appliances installed.

A thorough check and test of the wiring has uncovered some hidden horrors, including taped up connections and even cloth-sheathed wiring, which dates back to before the 1960s.

It might sound like a nightmare that will send a family broke, but Sharpe Services are experts in upgrading and undertaking remediation work on older switchboards and wiring systems without blowing the budget.

In this case our tech started by installing the correct number of circuits to safely run the hot water service, airconditioning, stove, refrigerator and swimming pool pump without overloading the switchboard.

These circuits now have industry-standard safety protection and the switchboard meets legal compliance.

The next stage is to rewire parts of the house that still have obsolete or inadequate wiring and junctions. Sharpe Services will undertake this work in a timely and affordable fashion without taking shortcuts that would compromise safety.

If you have any suspicions about the standard of your switchboard, call Sharpe Services today for an affordable but comprehensive safety inspection and the best advice on what to do to bring it up to full safety compliance.

Confident your switchboard is up to standard? Consider getting your household electrics checked for peace of mind and your family’s safety.

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