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SunPower to the rescue

Feb 8, 2021

SunPower to the rescue

SunPower to the rescue

When the performance of your older solar system starts to fade, the choices for replacement or upgrades can appear almost overwhelming?

That’s why you need to talk to Sharpe Services, which has been in the solar business since it took off in Adelaide over two decades ago.

Sharpe Services can assess your system and advise on the exact type of panel to suit your conditions.

For example, if you live in a coastal area, corrosive salt can combine with wind and sun to quickly degrade lesser-quality panels.

That’s why Sharpe recommended SunPower’s latest Performance range as the best installation option on this southern suburb roof.

SunPower uses an innovative “shingled” cell design to give strength and enhance performance. Aerospace-grade conductive adhesives reinforce cell connections while a special coating protects against early degradation.

A process called “redundant cell connections” eliminates any risk of lowered performance by creating flexible paths for electricity flow within each panel.

All these features help make SunPower Performance panels among the world’s toughest. They have emerged as a top performer in reliability torture tests for thermal cycling, damp heat, wind-force load and the potential for degradation.

As well as being designed for durability, SunPower Performance panels produce significant energy in conditions varying from partial shade to extreme high temperatures. All this is backed up by a 25-year warranty.

SunPower’s sleek black panels are stylish yet rugged, producing a significant amount of energy in all coastal weather conditions.

Is your older-generation solar system fading in output and bearing replacement?

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